10 Things to Know About Aaron Johnson

10 Things to Know About Aaron Johnson

aaron johnson

With a starring role in Savages (alongside young stars Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch), Aaron Johnson is on fire! This cutie is no stranger to the movie scene, and is currently fine-tuning his resume with two more movies out this year—Anna Karenina & Kick-Ass 2. Let ME show you 10 things about this go-getter that you probably didn’t know; so take your eyes off of the picture of him (so.difficult.) and read on!

1. For 12 years he studied singing, acrobatics, tap, jazz, and of course, drama.

2. His favorite food group is fruits! He is a big lover of kiwi, plums, raspberries and blueberries.

3. Aaron Johnson had his first kiss at age 10 with a 13 year old girl—guess he likes them a little older! Which brings us into number four:

4. He’s married to a woman more than twice his age!  Sam Taylor-Wood directed Nowhere Boy, a film he starred in. At 20, Aaron decided to tie the knot with his then 43-year-old girlfriend.

5. His favorite movies include Pulp Fiction and Boogie Nights.

6. He has four children—two of his own and two stepchildren. They are all girls ranging in age from six months to 15! Whoa, buddy!

7. Johnson starred in R.E.M.’s “Uberlin” music video back in 2011, which was also directed by his wife.

8. Aaron’s older sister Gemma appeared in the movie Tom & Thomas as an extra.

9. His favorite actor is Daniel-Ray Lewis, who starred in his all-time favorite movie, There Will Be Blood.

10. If the acting career had not have worked out, Aaron was quoted saying he would have probably gotten a job scaffolding or he would have become a plumber.

-Kairi Coe