Your New Best Friend for Prom:

Your New Best Friend for Prom:

beautiful shoes for prom

Think of Etsy as your virtual vintage shop. The plus side: There’s no searching through racks of clothes for that one shirt you can’t seem find or falling in love with a pair of shoes only to realize that they’re not your size. Etsy will be a lifesaver this Prom season if you’re worried about someone wearing the same as you. Everything here is one-of-a-kind.


With Etsy, the perfect pair of shoes are right at your fingertips. Take those royal blue peacock pumps for example. They are a sure-fire way to look stunningly unique at Prom. The royal blue color is, as its name suggests, absolutely regal. And the peacock feathers add a bit of color to make the pumps to grab even more attention. If almost 5-inch heels sound painful to you, don’t worry. You can get the same pair of pumps with 2.5-inch heels as well.


Prom accessoryShop at Etsy and your prom accessories will be timeless. This Steampunk clockwork ring is absolutely stunning. The details are so realistic. The ring truly looks like the inside of a clock. The red jewel at the top adds more sophistication to the already sophisticated ring. But, the intricate details don’t stop there. The band of the ring shows multiple swirls, making it perfect for younger ladies. Tell me, where else would find such a unique accessory?

 Look for things that make you do a double-take, like this button bracelet. The sunflower seeds-inspired colors look great. This bracelet looks like something you’d find on the beach. For only eighteen bucks, this bracelet would be a spunky touch to a light-colored prom outfit.

 Wait a sec! If you do happen to fall in love with any item on Etsy, make sure you purchase it a lot of time in advance. Items on Etsy are hand-crafted by people all over the world. So, if you’re ordering something from Australia, don’t expect it to arrive at your doorstep a couple of days later. For your assurance, use the Geolocator. The Geolocator allows you to only search through shops in specific locations. So, if you’re in a pinch for time, your best bet would be to set that location to the United States so your item arrives in time for prom. The ‘Shop Local’ option is even better. It lets you narrow down your search to shops only in your state, or even your hometown.

 -Aliyyah Camp