Worry-Free Guide to First Semester

Worry-Free Guide to First Semester

myeveryzine_college-guideShopping for extra long twin sheets and cool memory boards? Yes, you are preparing to head to college! Despite all the excitement, you may still have some worries, like how to handle college classes and homework. This woe can be put to ease with some tips from college kids who have successfully survived. Grab your memory board and get ready for those priceless moments, while getting A’s in your classes.


Study with a Buddy
With more free time in college it is easier to get distracted and procrastinate. Grab some friends from your classes and vow to keep each other focused. This will help you get your work done faster, which will leave more time for your social life; you know those parties, clubs and other fun things. It will also make learning the material a piece of cake.

“A fellow student told me every finals week she and her best friend  change each other’s Facebook passwords so they can’t log on and get distracted. Too bad I got that epic tip after I graduated!” says Ashlyee Hickman, a Pepperdine University survivor.


Location, Location, Location
It is all about the place where you choose to study and do homework that will help you learn and get things done. Head to the library to avoid distractions like television and friends interrupting you to join in a building-wide dart war. Just a change of atmosphere will force you to finish that research paper in one sitting.

“Most freshman don’t realize they spent too much time socializing until they are not doing so well in their classes,” says survivor of Rider University, Lauren Pahde. “That is why it is important to separate social time and work time.”


Set Aside Time For Fun
There is a time to hang out with friends and a time to get your work done. It is easy to get wrapped up in gossiping over lunch or catching up on your zzz’s. You have to learn to decide when and how much time to spend on your classes and homework. The best time to do work is during the day between your classes when your friends will also be attending classes and doing work. “It is important to find out how to balance your time,” says Jami Holly, survivor of Rider University.


Read the Syllabus
I know they can be blah and easy to forget but a syllabus will be your key in how to ace the course. Read between the lines and check to see how everything is weighed into your final grade. This will determine how much time you spend on certain tasks, projects or tests. “You can see how much tests are worth,” says Pahde. “You should take them seriously because they are a lot different than in high school.”


Purchase an Agenda
Having a book, calendar or white board with all your assignments and there due dates will really help get you organized. This way it is hard to forget your research paper is due on Friday and you have a test Monday. Use a dry erase board to write down every class and what is going on for that class. Hang it so it is visible every time you walk in your room and make sure to refresh it weekly so you never forget an assignment.


Know Your Professors
Within the first week of classes introduce yourself personally to your professor. Not only will this start a possible future reference, but it will establish a relationship where it will be a cinch to get help. “You will have a good reputation and it will be easier to get extensions if you need them,” says Holly. It will also help you understand where the professor is coming from and what they are looking for in their students.


Attend Freshmen Activities
Orientations and other things planned for freshman not only allow you to meet other people in your year, but are also a great way to meet upperclassmen and professors.  They can help you make wise decisions about your future classes and goals. “Pick their brains in how to navigate your academic career,” says Priscilla Pineda, survivor of Rutgers University. “Ask questions about which courses are exciting and insightful.” If you have a class that is interesting, doing the work won’t be a challenge for you.


Get A Part-Time Job
As a way to ditch procrastination, getting a job will not only put extra cash in your pocket, but also keep you organized. It is a great way to meet new people and will limit the amount facebook-stalking time you have, prioritizing your schedule. This will be a big help in keeping you focused and will help in your social life, allowing you to meet new people.


You are sure to ace any college class with these tricks and even the worst class can be turned into an A. Just remember to set aside time for fun and a social life for a full college experience! Having an enjoyable time while in school is essential to how successful you are and whether you can meet your career goals.

-Kimberly Turner