Workouts for the Library

Workouts for the Library


Stuck studying in library for that monster test with no time for the gym? That’s OK because with a few simple almost unnoticeable exercise moves you can stay fit and study without having to enter a gymnasium. So read over your notes, quiz yourself and study with a twist.


Butt squeezes

Clench your buttocks for 30 seconds and then unclench for another 30. Repeat this for 10 minutes or however long it takes you to read over one stretch of notes. This will give you a toner buttocks; all while you are sitting down and learning.


Leg Extensions

As you sit in the chair at the library bend your knees bringing your legs up to the bottom of the chair. Slowly straighten out your legs so your feet are straightened out and point your toes forward. Do this on your next stretch of notes or chapter review, or about 5-10 minutes. Working your quads and hamstrings, this workout will give you killer thighs.



Place one of the books you are not using on the top of both your feet, making sure your feet are parallel to each other. Then lift both your legs up and hold for five seconds. Lower your legs. Continue this for the flash card writing part of your studying. This will work your quadriceps, giving you sexier legs.


Counter it

To work your shoulders, chest and upper back and arm muscles put your right hand on the table, palm down. At the same time, put your left hand under the desk, palm up. Press your right hand down as strongly as you can while simultaneously pressing your left hand up as strongly as you can. Do this for two minutes to get a buffer upper body.


Balance Act

Test your balance skills as you sit on the edge of your chair, hold onto the edge of the table and raise your legs up straight. Hold them as high as you can while your friend quizzes you on the chapter review for strong arms and a fitter core.


Arming your muscles

For a strong back and arms to go along with you strong mind take your right wrist with your left hand and pull your hands in opposite directions. When your muscles get tired, change your hands and repeat the exercise.  


Remember to focus on your studying while you do these exercises and you will feed your brain as you trim your body. With an advantage of being unnoticeable these moves are perfect for that long dreaded library session!

-Kimberly Turner