Work Out Without Going to the Gym

Work Out Without Going to the Gym

RunningAs we’re quickly approaching spring break, it’s time to make sure that we are getting ready for bikini season! You might get excited just thinking about how great you’re going to look in those super cute shorts and bikini top, but remember that it takes hard work to get into shape. Sometimes going to the gym can be expensive, time consuming or just plain boring. Don’t worry, here at ME, we’ve thought of some fun alternatives outside of the gym.

Zumba is a fun alternative to the gym that involves toning your body and doing cardio while having fun dancing. What do you need to get started right away? You can buy the DVD from the Zumba Fitiness
Web site, find a place locally that has Zumba instructors that hold classes (you can also check the Zumba website for that) or you can look up Zumba videos on YouTube! Zumba designed with basic dance move the require no prior dance experience but the combination of latin-inspired fitness moves that effectively make you break into a deep sweat. This is a great way to get fit and have fun!

Remember rollerblading with your old in-line roller blades? Well it’s time to break them out from the dusty closet, only this time you’ll be rollerblading yourself into shape! Rollerblading for one hour can help burn up to 840 calories, and you can burn calories while gliding down a relaxing a park or an interesting downtown urban landscape.You will need to have rollerblades or skates (which you can possibly rent somewhere in town) and safety gear such as a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads (Always remember: Safety first).

If you get bored of walking or running then bicycling is the way to go! Bicycling is best for your thighs and your butt. If you want a better cardio workout and burn tons of calories, you may want to take a route with plenty of hills. Choose to bike through interesting places so you can feel the breeze and see amazing things, all while getting exercise done. You will need a bike, sneakers, a helmet and knee pads/ elbow pads just to make sure your exercising safely.

Jogging, Running, Power Walking
If you’re the kind of person that dislikes going to the gym and using machines to tone your body, then running, jogging, or walking outside is your alternative. Pick a nice flat area with a path to start your walk. As you pick up your pace, you can change it up by adding some obstacles such as hills and dirt paths.  Remember that you can make it more interesting by changing scenery (see how fast you can power walk through the mall). Just make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of moving. After a few runs your legs will look fantastic and toned in that bikini you’ve been wishing to get every time you speed walk through the mall.

Household Chores
Although it sounds like a trap to finally get on mom’s good side, it’s actually a great way to workout without going to the gym. Sweeping and vacuuming your room (and the entire house if you want too) actually causes you to remain in constant motion and helps you break into a sweat. Lifting and moving furniture to clean a specific area allows you to use your entire body and get a good workout. Not only will your body become toned but your mother will jump with joy to see you finally getting those chores done. The equipment you’ll need include: A broom, a dustpan, a vacuum cleaner, and music to keep you jamming through the hard work.

—Gabriela Castelan