TV Review: The ‘Liars’ are Back!

TV Review: The ‘Liars’ are Back!

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars, our guilty pleasure television series, hooked audiences with its chilling mysteries and enviable style. Last season ended with the revelation of who was behind all of the trouble for the Liars—Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna—and left everyone desperate for more.

With Mona revealed to be “A” and her placement in a mental institution, it seems that our four heroines should now be breathing a whole lot easier.  Well, think again, because this season premiere was all over the place!
This latest episode, which aired on Tuesday night, picks up five months after the last episode concluded. The girls are all back in Rosewood after a summer apart, but Emily is definitely not coping well with the discovery of Maya’s body from one of the cliffhanger’s last season. Her normally sweet and bright personality has been warped by a summer of too much partying, even blacking out from alcohol consumption. Emily’s blacking out complicates everything when the other girls discover her at Ali’s grave, which has been dug up, and she has zero recollection of who led her there. Emily, we know losing Maya was traumatic for you, but really, now you’re just making easy work for whoever is stirring all this muck around you!
We see a lot of swoon-worthy moments between Aria and Ezra and it looks as if Aria’s mother is beginning to get onboard with this relationship after all, even though it seems that it was the final straw in ending the marriage between Aria’s parents. We see a bit of Spencer and Toby loveliness and as a bonus, we get an eyeful of Toby’s wonderland of abs!
As for Hanna, she has kept a little nugget of information to herself these past few months. She has been visiting Mona in the mental facility!  Hanna, we know that you two used to be tight, but come on!  How can you stomach being in the same tiny, padded cell of a room with her!
Of course, nothing has changed for our Pretty Little Liars. With doubts about Garrett’s guilt in Ali’s murder, no leads on Maya’s death, the questions surrounding the dug up grave, and confusions about exactly how many “A’s” are present in Rosewood, there should be plenty of twists and turns to keep our girls busy and terrified for their lives, and us on the edges of our seats. Get ready because another season of Pretty Little Liars has begun!

-Amy Lauren