TV Review: ‘Duets’

TV Review: ‘Duets’

Duets cast

Singing competitions are the current trend and everyone wants in. ABC’s new show ‘Duets’ premiered on May 24, broadcasting new talent and a new twist into the rules of a singing competition.

Watch the season premiere here!

The rules are simple, there are four famous musicians, called “The Superstars,” and they pick two amateur singers that blend well with their voice. They will duet with each contestant and the performance will be ranked from 1 to 100 by the three judges that didn’t perform. The superstars of this show are Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, Jennifer Nettles, and John Legend with host Quddus.

The two-hour program began with the four judges singing their rendition of “Let Me Entertain You” with backup dancers and marching band drummers making the performance truly entertaining. The first episode was fast paced as we didn’t really get a glimpse at an audition process and were quickly introduced to the each of the judges’ two team members. Here is a brief overview of the night in order of their rank on the leaderboard:

1. Coming out to first place of the night was Jennifer Nettles and amateur J Rome with the song “Tonight.” As the first performance of the night, feedback from the other judges were all positive and commended the two for sounding great together.

2. The second performer of the night, and now in second place, is John Legend with team member Johnny Grey as they sung “Ordinary People.” Although John critiqued the new singer for having a thin voice and doing too many riffs, the judges yet again gave nothing but positive comments.

3. Robin Thicke’s first teammate was Alexis Foster, a singer with a gospel esque style, and they sung the upbeat number “Magic.” Alexis’ awkward stage presence didn’t stop the other judges from standing up and dancing along to the performance.

4. A truly great find was made by Jennifer Nettles when she came across the amazing singer John Glosson in her hometown in Georgia. Arguably the best performance of the night, the two sang an emotional rendition of “Stay.”

Robin Thicke and Olivia Chisholm

5. In fifth place, we have Olivia Chisholme singing partner Robin Thicke’s hit song “Lost Without You.” Even though the two singer’s voices blended smoothly, the performance overall was lukewarm and not exciting.

6. John Legend and second teammate Bridget Carrington sang a great rendition of “Tonight (Best You Ever Had).” The duet was fantastic and definitely deserved to be higher up on the charts.

7. Kelly Clarkson ranked the bottom of the leaderboard with Jordin Meredith as they sung Kelly’s current hit “Stronger.” Both singers have great range and strong voices but they seemed to clash during this performance.

8. Jason Farol was the first to join Kelly’s team and they sang “Breaking Your Own Heart.” The crowd loved Jason and he has a lot of potential, but he was only okay and didn’t stand out among the other contestants.

None of the contestants will be eliminated this week and will get a second chance to perform on next week’s episode. Overall, the first episode of ‘Duets’ didn’t match up to the other popular singing competitions. Especially since America will not vote for the singers and will have no part in choosing who goes forward. This show has to deliver more in order to keep audiences interested.

Ivetta Babadjanian