Top 10 Movies to Watch With Mom

Top 10 Movies to Watch With Mom

Freaky Friday

We love our moms and want them to feel special and appreciated. And what better way than to choose a great flick to convey that? ME is here with a mommy-approved movie guide she will love!

1) The Incredibles

At some point we all think of our moms as super heroines, but in The Incredibles, she really is. It may not entirely focus on her relationship with her children, but it does go to show the work moms go through to for her kids.

2) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

If your mother may butt-in to your life way too much, fear not. This movie proves that although she may meddle in your affairs, it’s done with love in mind.

3) The Parent Trap

This movie shows the relationship between a mother and her two daughters, one of which has never lived with her because of a divorce. This movie helps you appreciate the pranks you didn’t have to do to spend time with your mom this mother’s day.

4) Madea’s Big Happy Family

Sometimes you need a reminder as to why mothers are so important to a family, and any movie with Madea will usually do the trick. Through all of the chaos and humor, there is a valuable lesson that comes from a strong mother/child relationship.

5) Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of the best movies to sit down and watch with mom. The love shared and reflected between Forrest and his mother will touch you both.

6) Freaky Friday

Ever thought your life is so difficult that you would trade places with your mom? Well, enjoy Freaky Friday with your mom this Mother’s Day and see what happens. Who knows? You both might learn something new about each other.

7) Under the Same Moon

This movie takes you through the life changing journey a young Mexican boy, Carlos Reyes, goes through to reunite with his mother who is working in the United States. Warning: You and mom will break out the tissues for this movie.

8) Steel Magnolias

Although this is more of a tear-jerking movie from the late ’80s, it’s also the type of movie that will make you appreciate your mother and life.

9) 101 Dalmatians

Remember the caring mother Perdita was? Bring back some fond memories of puppies and mothers with some Disney magic.

10) The Joy Luck Club

A wonderful story that deals around mothers who share their stories of their lives prior to immigrating to the U.S. during WWII and daughters learning to appreciate their mothers’ struggles. This is the perfect movie to bond with your mother over family history.

-Gabriela Castelan