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Ever find yourself mindlessly staring at your closet in the morning wondering what to wear? It happens to us at ME all the time. It’s time to make a change this fall and this is your plan of action! We’ve mapped out the top three must-have fashion trends for the new season! And you won’t believe what’s trending this fall.

I Woke Up Like This

I Woke Up like this!


Don’t feel like “trying” this season? Perfect. You’re already on top of this free-flowing trend. This look is defined by the appearance of effortless style. The “just rolled out of bed” look can be chic and polished, if you do it right! So whip out that oversized tee, skinny jeans, and your favorite fall booties and you’ll be good to go! Word to the wise, waking up like THIS is easier said than done. Remember, even effortless style requires…well, effort. Be sure to plan your outfit the night before to be sure you’ve hit the mark. Slouchy-Polished can easily turn to Frumpy-Dumpy if you’re not careful! To be on the safe side, use accessories to refine any of your relaxed looks!

Digital Wave

Digital Wave


This is what happens when tech meets fashion! Digitally printed garments are everywhere this Fall and they’re not going away anytime soon! Bold and fearless fashion statements are best achieved with help from the portrait-like motifs that classify this trend. Unlike a typical print or stripe, digitally printed sweatshirts, jackets, and dresses have the unique ability to tell a story using the garment as a canvas. It’s wearable art! What’s your story? Ready to make a statement? Open your mind and your closet to the digital wave!

Totally Boss!

Totally Boss!


The 80s are so back. Love it or hate it, neon colors, geometric prints, and playful stripes are all coming back with a vengeance! Don’t worry 80s haters, we’ve buried our leg warmers, scrunchies, and our blue eye shadow deep into the past (some things were made to be forgotten). These prints and colors are being recreated with fresh perspective! Don’t be afraid of bright colors this fall season; you will surely turn heads and spark smiles in these energetic ensembles.

Before you run to the mall or load up your online shopping cart, take a fresh look at your closet to see if you can recreate your own look inspired by of these fashion-forward trends. Don’t forget to share! We look forward to seeing how put your spin on what’s IN.

-Aamber Aleyna, Fashion Editor