Survive a Crush From Your Crush

Survive a Crush From Your Crush

Broken Heart

Feeling like consuming infinite amounts of Rocky Road ice cream and watching a sappy chick-flick marathon alone on a Friday night? Likely diagnosis: you’ve just been crushed by a crush. Don’t worry, everyone is confronted with rejection sooner or later in life. What sets us apart, however, is how we choose to handle “the crush effect.” Read on and learn how to quickly eliminate feelings of rejection and anguish for good.


Accept it
You may feel ridiculous for having revealed your true feelings to a crush, but remember, if the feelings aren’t returned on his end, you’re not to blame. Feelings of inadequacy may emerge, but don’t let this one situation dictate who you are as a whole. Accept the situation, move on and know that you are still just as beautiful as ever—nothing about you has changed! 


Let it Out
Writing out what you feel can help with the healing process. 
Rip a piece of paper out from an old Math notebook, and write out all of your supposed negative attributes. After you’ve finished scribbling away, take that same piece of paper and rip it, burn it, and get rid of it. Seeing your supposed shortcomings visibly disappear in front of your eyes, helps clear your mind of negativity in general. Those thoughts are no longer a part of you.


Embrace Yourself
After you rid yourself of your negative thoughts and feelings, carefully choose two sheets of your most cherished stationery (you know, that pretty paper you’ve been saving for a special event), and neatly write down everything you love about yourself—your unique and admirable qualities, your life-changing accomplishments and your remarkable goals. Post your long list of positive affirmations on your mirror as a daily reminder of your individuality. You are a rare gem that cannot be duplicated.  Don’t let “the crush effect” keep you from embracing that.


Enjoy Yourself
Although going out with friends is strongly encouraged, it is also recommended to spend some time alone immediately after getting “crushed.” Attending a
Dev dance party in your room, doing some HathaYoga, or treating yourself to a 10-minute walk, while sipping on a fresh fruit drink, will keep you in-tune with your body, and will lead to genuine feelings of happiness and comfort. Remember, it’s important to get to know yourself first, and rebuild your self-confidence—no one can do that for you.

Despite it being cliché, time is the ultimate healer of most confronted situations, crush-related or not. Trust ME, you will find the right guy who makes you feel the way you deserve!

-Grace Gavilanes