The Super Film Of The Season: The Avengers

The Super Film Of The Season: The Avengers

Have you been yearning for a movie that lets your inner-comic book nerd come out or a movie you can enjoy with your hero-obsessed boyfriend? Then look no further because the super heroes are back in action.  Literally. The Avengers hit theaters on May 4th and is making a buzz all around the country.

All of the trailers and commercials were only a small preview of all of the special effects, humor and (of course) amazing super hero action. With a combination of Iron man, Thor, Captain America and the incredible Hulk, the movie is not lacking power or flashiness.

If your boyfriend is insisting you go see the movie with him, don’t worry. The Avengers has all of the action he wants with all of the hot guys you crave. There is nothing wrong with enjoying watching well-toned men with super powers save the earth from evil.

Don’t worry about your boyfriend or BGF complaining that “the movie doesn’t stick to the comic book story lines” because The Avengers is pretty spot-on. Rather than creating an alternate story line for this movie, the heroes seem to follow the storylines that they have had from each movie they come from respectively. You don’t really need to read the comic books or rush to Netflix to watch the previous movies of each one of them, because The Avengers rarely refers to their past but when they do, they expand on it.

At two and a half hours, the movie does drag on a bit but over all The Avengers is a movie worth spending money on if you like super heroes, great effects, or good looking men fighting crime. What ever your reason may be, check this movie out.  It’s sure to be one of  the best movies you see this summer.

-Gabriela Castelan