Pimp My Injury: Prom Edition

Pimp My Injury: Prom Edition

“Twilight” trivia time: What unique accessory did Bella have with her at Prom (aside from her vampire man candy)?  If you said “a leg cast,” you’re right! Bella donned a bulky black leg brace that didn’t exactly make a fashion statement at her Forks High School Prom. Although ME wasn’t there to give Bella some pointers, ME has a few fabulous tips to bedazzle and bling out your own unique injury just in time for Prom!

Bedazzled Bandage
Knowing that it’s still a must to wear a bandage for your sprained wrist, ankle, or bad knee at Prom doesn’t sound like the most exciting news at first, but by adding some extra flair and attitude to the boring beige hue of a bandage, we promise you’ll be ecstatic to rock your new accessory! Before correctly applying the bandage, gather tiny-sized beads or any spare jewelry you’re willing to donate for your new creation. Using a glue gun, attach each individual gem unto the bandage. If there’s still room, even after the bedazzling, take a fabric marker—which can be purchased at your local arts and crafts store—and outline each jewel in a unique way (flowers, shapes, or maybe just color your entire masterpiece!).
A Classy Crutch
Dare to take your crutches from dull to dynamite? Braid three pieces of medium-sized yarn or ribbon (can be single or multi-colored). Then, place the braided yarn or ribbon around the crutch, forming a horizontal line. Connect the ends of the braided yarn or ribbon together by forming a bow at the center of the crutch!
Glam on Wheels

Don’t let your wheelchair keep you back from embracing your inner fashionista! If you want to achieve the ultimate princess look and are having trouble incorporating this into your unique accessory, look no further! By using pale pink ribbons and beautiful flowers to adorn your wheelchair’s metallic leg rests and handlebars, you’ll be feeling like royalty in no time. Looking to make a wild statement at Prom? Replace the flowers and pale pink ribbons with red and purple feathers and black ribbon!
Quote My Cast!    
Looking for a more sophisticated and glamorous way to rock your accessory at Prom? Try blinging out your leg or arm cast. First, choose your favorite quote(s) of all time (make sure to stay away from profanity; it won’t be easy to rub off!) and have someone neatly write it out with a bold-colored marker on your soon-to-be fabulous accessory.  Then, sprinkle gold, silver, or multi-colored glitter all over your cast. Make sure to cover every inch of the cast to achieve an ultra-glam look!

Tell ME: How will you bedazzle your unique accessory?

— Grace Gavilanes