O2 Max: How to Get Your Beach Body

O2 Max: How to Get Your Beach Body

Toned Body, fitnessYour alarm wakes you up and you hit the snooze bar a couple times, the start to your normal morning routine. You can’t help but glance into the mirror as you get out of bed and realize your New Years Resolution to hit the gym everyday hasn’t quite worked out. All you can thinks is, “So much for the awesome beach body.” Well with O2 MAX’s program you can get back into shape in 12 weeks, just in time for beach season!
Sizzle your way into that hot bikini with Summer Shape Up. Offering nutrition and grocery advice, access to a fitness expert and discounts from O2 MAX’s sponsors, this program is perfect for slimming down, building muscle and staying healthy.
“O2 MAX offers students a way to get healthy in the context of a group,” says social media and PR intern of O2 MAX. “The encouragement and support can help prevent many of the frustrations or distorted mindsets that can arise when one spends too long trying to lose weight and not achieving optimal results.”
Among offering workouts and lunch and dinner ideas, Summer Shape Up also sports a personal trainer experience, without the expense of getting one.

“Gym memberships can be 40 dollars, or more, per month, but O2 MAX’s programs are 50 dollars for every 12-week program,” says O2max participant and intern Evelina Weary. “You can do these workouts at home and they give you ideas of what to do instead of always running around your city.”

With an innovative way of keeping in touch, via text messaging, facebook and e-mail, Summer Shape Up provides an easy way to fit a workout into your day.


“I like how O2 MAX breaks up the week into easy and hard days and includes a calendar so that you can fit it into your schedule,” says Weary.

The convenience of contacting members in places they are present has helped members customize their workouts.
“We consistently bother members and ask them questions on how we can help, and what kind of challenges they are facing,” says Jashinsky.
In fact, participant Rebecca Abeles enjoys the technological savvy trainer experience.
“I love the overall idea of bringing working out to a wider audience by using [e-]mail and the Internet,” says Abeles.
Focusing more on making lifestyle decisions rather than counting calories, Summer Shape Up helps members understand their body types.
“It has taught me that being active can be done both in little spurts throughout the day and in longer intervals and that they both are beneficial” says Abeles.
Kimberly Turner
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