New Uses for Random Things

New Uses for Random Things


You’re the master multi-tasker, why not let your stuff be the same? Check out our really simple guide to making the most out of your everyday items.

Foil it up!

Out of traditional wrapping paper? Scour through the kitchen and pick up some aluminum foil to wrap your best friend’s birthday gift. Carefully tear a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and use a pen to smooth over its surface. Cover the gift with the aluminum foil and decorate it. Write or draw cute messages with a sharpie, glue on some stickers, pictures, or comic strips—apply anything that will add to this already unique and futuristic presentation. Looking for other ways to decorate your newly foiled gift? Check out Amy Snively’s eHow video here!  

When life gives you lemons…


Lemon and manicure hero

…Brighten those fingernails! Lemon acts as an astringent—a cosmetic that cleanses skin and tightens pores—that will strip away those pesky nail stains. It’s as easy as rubbing a lemon slice directly beneath and on your nails, and witnessing the transformation in a short time period. For an easier approach, mix lemon juice with lemon peels and soak your nails in the concoction for a few minutes. Wash your hands after the treatment and apply lotion for replenished moisture and a freshly-manicured feel. All that’s left to do is to flaunt those bright, white nails!


 Sharpie ‘em out

Consider these non-toxic markers as personal, portable (and inexpensive) photo editors. If the dark background of a favorite picture is in serious need of touching up, take a black sharpie and sharpie the dullness out! Make sure to shade the picture in one continuous motion to avoid inconsistent smearing in the final product. Black sharpies can also be used to remove scuff marks from dark-colored shoes. Talk about a two-for-one deal!


Orange you beautiful!

Having a self-spa day is a great and encouraged stress-reliever and confidence booster, especially when the ingredients for exfoliating and deep cleansing facials can be found right in your fruit basket. That’s right! Orange peels serve as healthy and effective facial masks. After finishing up with an orange, strip off its peels and let them dry up overnight. The next day, grind the dried peels—in a mixer—to fine powder. Mix the powder with an equal amount of milk or water, and apply it on your face. Keep the beauty mask for 30 minutes and carefully wash it off, making sure not to damage sensitive areas by scrubbing too hard. This particular facial mask works because orange peels are known to absorb excess oil from the skin, therefore ridding your face of acne. Orange peels are also known to scoop up any dead and dry skin cells, leaving you with a bright and clear complexion!

Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice can also help in clearing up acne. Since oranges are packed with vitamin C, regularly drinking orange juice can actually prevent skin from the damages of excessive sunlight exposure, like skin cancer, skin darkening, and wrinkles.


Va-va-voom with vinegar

Applying ½ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (or plain white vinegar) to one cup of water after shampooing can actually decrease excessive oil in hair. Rinse all of the vinegar mixture from your hair, or leave the mixture in until it dries—either way works! The vinegar mixture in your hair can  also help de-tangle it. Plus, since vinegar restores the natural pH, you won’t have to worry about an itchy scalp. Just limit this vinegar hair care option to twice a week so you can keep your hair healthy, shiny, and prevent it from drying out.

More to come! Until then, tell ME:
What unique ways do you use your random items? 
-Grace Gavilanes