MyStory: I Joined the Military

MyStory: I Joined the Military

Meet Christina!

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“As an officer they pump leadership into us like it’s nobody’s business.”

For Christina, the military was not a career option until she heard about the ROTC scholarship. “My plan was to go to college, get a degree in Hospitality Management and start a career in event planning or hotel management,” Christina said. “During my senior year of high school a recruiter told me to apply for the ROTC scholarship … Of course there was a catch. Read Christina’s story!
-Jennie McKeon

“At first it was fun and like a summer camp: It was a lot of running and jumping on things, but with guns.”

Sweat dripping down her forehead, Laura* can barely see her opponent running straight at her. In an attempt to get the ball, the 6-foot, big-boned monster glides in a downward motion toward the ground. With a flick of the foot, a small fake and a ballerina-like turn, Laura misses the girl’s attempt at a slide tackle by an inch. Read Laura’s Story!
-Kimberly Turner

“I know I can do this.”

Shaheerah Khan always knew what she wanted to do career-wise. However, joining her school’s Army ROTC program slightly changed her original plans. This inspirational Hofstra University junior has learned many lessons on her journey to academic satisfaction. Shaheerah was kind enough to sit down with ME to share some of her valuable life lessons that can benefit any teen! Read Shaheera’s story! 
-Grace Gavilanes