MyNewCrush: YouTube’s Ryan Higa

MyNewCrush: YouTube’s Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa's YouTube channel nigahiga

Meet Ryan Higa, one of the comedic geniuses behind YouTube’s hit channel NigaHiga. You probably recognize him from singing along with fellow YouTube star Kevin Wu (A.K.A. Kevjumba) and acting with the multi-talented (and MyEveryzine star) Arden Cho. He may be an Internet star now but he is making his way to a theater near you! Here’s some info on MyNewCrush that may be useful if you bump into him one of these days (even if it’s in your sweetest dreams).

Ryan Higa

Where you’ve seen him before
Supah Ninjas, Agents of Secret Stuff and NigaHiga YouTube channel

Background info
Remember those days before YouTube? Neither do we, but Ryan does! He’s been making people laugh since then! In 2006 he uploaded several videos of himself and Sean Fujiyoshi lip-syncing. (Backstreet Boys cover anyone?)

His big break
Have you’ve ever thought to yourself “How can I become a gangster/emo?”, then Ryan’s hit videos are the guide for you! “How to be gangster” and “How to be emo” became instant favorites. “How to be Gangster” is a convenient guide showing us how to achieve the goal of becoming gangsters. Our coaches, R-Dizzle-Fo-Shizzle-My-Nizzle-Off-Da-Hizzle-Drizzle and Mike, teach us complex handshakes, cursing, using hand motions, posing, and rule-breaking(such as loitering).

Secret agent, secretly dating?
In the movie, “Agents of Secret Stuff”, Ryan takes on the role of an A.S.S. (Agent of Secret Stuff) who’s duty is to protect a high school student named Taylor (Arden Cho) from S.I.N.S (Society Involving Not-So-Good Stuff). Ryan and Arden sound like the perfect match right? Well, although they were incredibly cute together and even shared a passionate kiss in the movie, they revealed that they are only good friends. So ladies, there’s hope!

Ryan’s plans for the future
He wants to make his way into movies and television, which means you’ll get to see him everywhere soon enough. He may be on his way to being a huge Hollywood celeb but Ryan remembers to show his fans his appreciation, “I love reading the comments from my fans…it’s their support and encouragement that motivates me to want to continue making videos.”

—Gabriela Castelan