MyNewCrush: Ramon Rodriguez

MyNewCrush: Ramon Rodriguez

Ramon Rodriguez from Charlie's Angels


Meet Ramon Rodriguez, “Charlie’s Angels’” mega-upgraded Bosley (No offense, Bill Murray).
You’ve seen him kicking butt with his co-stars Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor. Even though the ABC show was cancelled, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ramon! Here are a few deets on MyNewCrush, you know, just so you two have something to talk about (even if you’re just practicing with the poster on your wall).
Ramon Rodriguez


Where you’ve seen him before:
Battle: Los Angeles and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Favorite Sport:
Basketball, and he’s got skills. Once the “Chalie’s Angels” writers found out he could play, they wrote it into an upcoming episode! Impress him with your knowlege of the Knicks, he’s a die-hard fan— he even interned with the Knicks and graduated from NYU with a degree in sports management.

 His big break:
Basketball actually got Ramon into acting! Nike held a basketball trick competition and offered free shoes— that’s what got Ramon to show up: “The one trick I could do was spin a ball on my finger, put the spinning ball on a pen and then put the pen in my mouth,
” he said. He won second place and Nike put him into a bunch of commercials. The rest is history.
Is he dating Minka Kelly?
Look, just because he works with three hot women every day, reportedly talks to Minka Kelly in his trailer for hours at a time, doesn’t mean he’s dating his co-stars (but it does mean he can hold a conversation and he is a good listener). Maybe he’s just being a good friend since she and her long-time boyfriend Derek Jeter called it quits. According to Minka, they are just friends. We’ll take her word for it. Now the chemistry between her character, Eva, and Bosley is a different story. We wonder if Charlie established no dating ground rules…