MyEveryzine Presents: ‘New Girl’ Bingo!

MyEveryzine Presents: ‘New Girl’ Bingo!

New Girl Bingo Board by MyEveryzine

Calling all New Girl super fans! We spent the summer obsessing over our favorite show to present you with our first ever New Girl Bingo Game! Grab four of your friends, a coin and a cell phone and join ME on Twitter as we watch together!
How to get your boards:

 1. Click to follow ME 

2. Download MyEveryzine’s New Girl Bingo boards (link triggers download)

  3. Join the live Bingo game on Twitter with @MyEveryzine while you watch “New Girl!”  (Use #NGBingo) 

4. We’re feature the winners in our results in our New Girl Championship Board!



How to Play: 

Use coins to mark off instances when they occur. When Jess sings and you have that on your board, mark your spot

Call it out on Twitter. Have fun with it, talk to ME about the show and what you thought was hilarious (Use #NGBingo)

Tweet to the rooftops when you get bingo and list the spots you marked

• If you’re playing with a group of friends and someone gets Bingo, clear your boards and switch!