Movie Review: ‘That’s My Boy’

Movie Review: ‘That’s My Boy’


Adam Sandler’s new movie, That’s My Boy, may have opened on Father’s Day weekend but it’s certainly not family fair.



Sandler’s character, Donny, gets his seventh grade teacher pregnant and becomes an instant celebrity while she gets thrown in jail.  It’s the typical cliché. Boy and girl have sex and the boy becomes immediately idolized.


Now, fast-forward thirty years and Donny has wasted away all of his celebrity earning. He has one weekend to pay back the IRS or he will be thrown in jail. In attempt to save himself, Donny finds a way to make money by reconnecting with his son that he has lost touch with.


Donny’s son, Han Solo, played by Andy Samberg, wants nothing to do with his father and has since created a fake identity. However, when Donny shows up on the weekend of Han Solo’s wedding, all kinds of chaos ensues. Donny must try to find a way to stay out of jail and Han Solo wants to keep his real identity hidden.


While this plot line has potential to be a real comedy gem, it’s over exaggerated acting by secondary characters and raunchy jokes derailed it from ever being a true Sandler classic. Most of the jokes in the film are so vulgar that as a viewer you are left in shock rather than laughing.


Most recent comedies try to find new punch lines. That’s My Boy continues to use obvious jokes that have been around for years and often times crossed the line with them. In that process the movie’s comedic elements felt more like a parody of old punch lines than anything else.


However, if viewers can overlook the bad writing, there is an underlying message of family. Sandler and Samberg are the only thing that make the movie worth seeing at all. Their onscreen chemistry was amazing as father and son.


With Sandler and Samberg’s attachment to this film, it is sure to make a lot of movie magic at the box office. Even though some viewers might find it just mindless fun, this crude plot is still not one movie that is worth paying an outrageous movie price for. And with or without that small father son heartfelt storyline, this movie will never be a movie for the family. So wait for the DVD, save some money and find another flick to see with dad on Father’s Day.


-Jenna Cusumano