Movie Review: ‘The Dictator’

Movie Review: ‘The Dictator’

The DictatorOh, Sacha Baron Cohen, how I applaud you for finding a way to make even the not so funny absolutely hilarious. The Dictator, Cohen’s third starring role, is not as funny as his breakout role Borat, but provided few laughs that were quite memorable.

Starring as a General Aladeen, dictator of the Republic of Wadiya, Sacha is forced into coming to America to make a speech at the United Nations regarding his nuclear weapons idea. While in the streets of New York City he goes through problems that ultimately leave him homeless and working to become the dictator again while working at a vegetarian café with leading lady Anna Faris. It’s quite entertaining to see what he goes through, as well as enjoying a funny cameo from a famous action movie actress.

His dry, crass humor can easily offend almost anyone, as he makes lewd, racist and sexist comments throughout the movie.  It’s definitely not something a parent would want their child to see, as a movie of this nature is one only an adult could find humorous and understand (hence the R rating).

As much as I loved Borat and cried watching Bruno, you can see that Cohen is trying much harder in this movie than the others.  With an unconvincing relationship with Ms. Faris and forced, scripted jokes, The Dictator falls short of its previous Oscar-nominated successor but is still worth the money to go see in theaters. Again, the older crowd will enjoy, but the little kids should stay at home and stick with Disney.

-Kairi Coe