Movie Review: “Celeste and Jesse Forever”

Movie Review: “Celeste and Jesse Forever”

celeste and jesse forever

Lately, romantic comedies all seem the same—No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits being a clear example. Celeste and Jesse Forever is a film unlike any other. It’s a new kind of romantic comedy that avoids typical cliché scenarios and avoids a predictable ending. Moviegoers will feel like they’re peeking into a real relationship.

The movie introduces us to Celeste (Rashida Jones) and husband Jesse (Andy Samberg), who have been separated for six months, but their divorce has yet to be finalized. Unlike most separated couples, Celeste and Jesse remain close, leaving mutual friends feeling perplexed by their tight-knit relationship. The two genuinely care for one another and are constantly acting silly and making jokes. A sweet gesture of theirs is making a heart shape with their hands whenever one of them is leaving.

The couple is in a state of limbo as they aren’t moving on by seeing other people, yet their relationship remains platonic. Jesse makes the first step when he announces that he has a new girlfriend (Rebecca Dayan), which comes as a bit of a shock to Celeste.

The movie focuses mainly on Celeste’s point of view and how she deals with conflicting emotions of being happy for Jesse, while still resenting him. The film makes it clear, though, that no one is at fault for the relationship’s failures. Sometimes in life, the boy meets the girl and then loses her because things don’t always pan out.

Samberg gives a surprising performance in this film as he steers clear of his normally goofy self on Saturday Night Live. He is believable in his portrayal of a man who truly cares about his former love, but finds the means to move on. Jones and co-writer Will McCormack did what most romantic comedies nowadays neglect to do by delving into the deep and complicated emotions that come along with falling in love.

Samberg and Jones have genuine chemistry that will make the audience root for them to try and make their relationship work, although at times it seems like a separation should be the ideal plan of action. With laugh-out-loud scenes as well as scenes of heartbreak, Celeste and Jesse Forever is a definite must-watch this summer.

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Ivetta Babadjanian