MEntor: Tara Ostrowe – Fitness Guru

MEntor: Tara Ostrowe – Fitness Guru

Tara OstroweBe Prepared: A motto that not only the Boy Scouts use, but so does dietitian and nutrition counselor of New York City, Tara Ostrowe. However, Ostrowe applies this motto to nutrition, dieting and exercising in her specialized work of eating disorder management, sports nutrition and cardiovascular health, advising you to do the same to make yourself fit and awesome! How did Ostrowe decide she wanted to help others develop healthy eating and exercising behaviors? Simple, she pursued a passion, turned it into a career and always looked ahead.
Turning A Passion Into A Career 
“I have always felt that it is important to give your body what it needs,” said Ostrowe. Because of this interest in feeding her body with the correct nutrients, the sports enthusiast also enhanced her soccer, softball and tennis skills.

“I have always been interested in what we can do to help performance in sports and help in not getting sick,” said Ostrowe.
The University of Wisconsin graduate went on to pursue this interest by concentrating her studies on dietetics and interned at places that focused on all areas of nutrition. Eventually, she moved onto studying at Columbia for her Masters in nutrition.

“I loved it,” said Ostrowe. “It is a great field to be a part of and it helped me focus on the areas I was most interested in.”
Bouncing around from working at a community health center, participating in health fairs, working for a professional sports team and working at a college health center, Ostrowe did whatever she could do in the nutrition field that was available to her.
“I helped out wherever I could and I made connections overtime with different therapists and doctors,” said Ostrowe
The Key To A Fit Lifestyle 
Ostrowe uses her passion to inspire others to live healthy. “My motto is balance and moderation,” said Ostrowe. “It is the key to a healthy life.  A varied diet and exercise leads to a balanced day. If you can’t do everything in one day then make up for it the next day.”
Ostrowe dishes that the best way to achieve this is preventive nutrition to help the body functions. She advises people to think long-term about their health and happiness.  “Eat in terms of the future,” says Ostrowe. “Don’t wait until you have to make changes.”
Your diet and exercise schedule should include plans for weeks before in order to get in shape. “Try to always be prepared ahead of time and think of what the next day is,” says Ostrowe. “If a party or holiday is coming up and you will not be able to eat as healthy you might want to, exercise more another day.”

Following this advice herself, Ostrowe always checks her future schedule to see what is possible for her. She follows a preventive nutritional diet, which helps the body function. This type of looking-ahead thinking allows her to make changes now instead of when she’s forced in the future, in terms of high blood pressure or cholesterol.

 “I always try to eat a balanced diet and make sure I get all the nutrients I need,” Ostrowe says.

Give It a Whirl 
With the fire of passion in her eyes, Ostrowe looked ahead in both preparing for her career by making connections and in her motto by helping others. So what do you need to have to be as awesome and successful as Ostrowe? Something you already have, a passion!  
—Kimberly Turner