MEntor: Meghan & Stacey, ChickRx

MEntor: Meghan & Stacey, ChickRx



ChickRx founders and long-time friends Meghan Muntean and Stacey Borden were working for Wall Street and Apple respectively before they decided to build a health and wellness website for young women that is fun, informative and fast growing. They even won the 2010 New Media Women Entrepreneur award before the ChickRx came to be.
“We just had the idea for the site at the time,” explained Megan. “We were really debating if this was something we should pursue.”
With that encouragement, Muntean and Borden figured now was the best time to take a chance on their future.
“You owe it to yourself to try,” Muntean said about following dreams. “It’s a better feeling to know that you tried instead of going to bed thinking ‘What if?'”
In case you haven’t logged on yet, ChickRx is an online community for women to connect with health and wellness experts and peers for personalized advice. Since its launch in July 2012, the website has seen hundreds of thousands of monthly users and continues to grow.
“We would talk to each other and girlfriends about how to eat healthier and beauty regimes when we should’ve been talking to experts,” Borden said.
After extensive research via Google and women’s magazines, Stacey and Meghan saw that something was missing in the way of health information for women.
“We saw there were not really any beautiful health sites,” Muntean said. “The site’s design reinforces our brand. Information doesn’t have to be sterile or boring. ChickRx is refreshing, fun and engaging — it’s edutainment.”
The end result came to be a well-designed website complete with 500 experts, and counting, eager to answer your medical, beauty and fitness questions.
“We found our experts through word of mouth, or we’d see them quoted in magazines,” Muntean said. “They’re excited to promote their wisdom.”
ChickRx is not your typical WebMD. Instead, it’s highly interactive with members receiving answers to their questions in real-time from a panel of experts. And it’s not just members that are paying attention. The website features interviews with celebrities such as Kendra Wilkinson and Brooke Burke and partnerships with Everyday Health, FabFitFun and “Seventeen” magazine.
As young, women CEOs, Borden and Muntean didn’t so much have to prove themselves worthy, but prove that their product was.
“There are far fewer women in the tech/start-up world than there are men,” Muntean said. “And while that can sometimes make things challenging, know that as a woman you stand out a bit and that can certainly work to your advantage.”

“If you want to prove yourself as woman, or a man, prove it through results,” Borden added. “Go after an idea that makes a difference and show you can get the job done.”

 The staff consists of primarily Muntean and Borden with a handful of freelance writers and interns. Members’ constant flow of questions keeps fresh content on the site.
“It supports itself,” Muntean said. “It doesn’t need a huge editorial staff.”
When it comes to taking your own career risks, Muntean and Borden suggest embracing your fear and just going for it.
“You just have to have confidence,” Borden said. “Attempting to do something is a success in itself. There’s a lot to be said of overcoming that fear of failing.”

For anyone interested in starting their own business, Muntean has two suggestions: read “The Lean Startup,” by Eric Ries and test your product in cost-effective manners.

“You don’t have to have to put in a lot of money or effort to test your idea,” she said. “Before your build the website, do in-person tests.”
And if you’re still in school, take advantage now of finding your niche.
“Do what you love, something you’re passionate about,” advises Muntean. “Be excited and develop your interests through extracurricular activities.”

Join ChickRx today and become connected to hundreds of experts ready to help you. You can also follow the ChickRx team on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.
—Jennie McKeon