Marni at H&M is Here!

Marni at H&M is Here!

Marni for H&M, polka-dot dress

H&M’s latest designer collaboration, Marni at H&M hit stores March 8. You may or may not have waited outside your nearest participating H&M since dinner last night with a scheme for “staying home sick” today, but you’ve already basked at the fantasy in class during second period: You could own your piece of Marni. Staying true to the brand, the collection features quirky statement jewery, bold prints and structured color blocks. Here are some of our favorite Marni pieces that you can picture yourself wearing down the halls, during spring break or even at prom. It’s Marni—you can’t go wrong. And hey, if you actually get your hands on Marni, tell ME about it!  

Marni in School

Marni in the Halls

Clockwise: Cardigan $69.95, Leggings $39.95, Jacket $199, Belt $9.95, Silk Dress $79.95, T-Shirt $19.95

Marni on Spring Break

Marni on Spring Break
Clockwise – Leather Flat Sandles $69.95, Silk Shorts $49.95, Sunglasses $19.95, Straw hat $9.95, Short Fitted Dress $99, Sleeveless Silk Dress $79.95, Belt $9.95

Marni at Prom

MyProm Marni at H&M

Left to right: Silk Dress $149, Printed Slik Skirt $79.95, Collar Necklace $19.95

Check out the rest of the collection at
 Tashween Ali