Keke Palmer’s New Song + See Her Live!

Keke Palmer’s New Song + See Her Live!

Keke PalmerKeke Palmer, actress on Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson, VP,” proves that with a little bit of hard work and determination, anything is possible. This is the exact kind of girl we at ME love! Her recent return to music just adds another thing to our “Why Keke is awesoME” list.

Keke and Interscope records just released the official video for “The One You Call” off of her upcoming album, dropping this year. Keke actually started out pursuing a musical career before she moved into movies and television.  She’s had several songs released since 2005 and even released an album in 2007 through Atlantic Records, though they parted ways since then. The girl has perseverance, not giving up when all seemed to be lost and it has brought her a long way with a new album and what seems to be a good perspective of who she is.

The latest single, “The One You Call,” is about a young woman with enough knowledge and confidence to say to a guy that she won’t be the rebound girl, once the guy is ditched by  his girlfriend. She is smart enough to know and say that not only will she not be that type of girl, but she knows that she is worth more than that. That message alone shows that she is empowering and a very strong young woman and the fact that she can carry a tune makes it even better!

Catch her today during her live Ustream chat at 6PM ET/3PM PT on to get the inside track on her new movie “Joyful Noise” (She’s shooting it in Atlanta with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton), and to just see how she’s been.

Tell ME how you feel about Keke’s move back into the music business? Is it worth a shot or should she just stick to acting?

-Brittany Beverly