John Mayer’s New Album: Consistent, Hasn’t ‘Raised’ the Bar

John Mayer’s New Album: Consistent, Hasn’t ‘Raised’ the Bar

John Mayer Born and Raised

There is no better way to finish the school year and welcome the summer than by the release of a new album. John Mayer’s long-awaited album “Born and Raised” finally hit the shelves, and even though he can’t sing right now due to throat surgery, he left everything on each track.

True to Mayer’s style, several of the songs are calming and slower paced with his vocals complementing the flow of instruments.  The song “Speak For Me” stays predominantly calm until Mayer builds his way up to strong vocals.  While “Love Is A Verb” shows more of lazy rhythm that is the perfect song to sit outside and just enjoy the day to.

One complaint about the album is that Mayer doesn’t take as many risks with his music. Although very calm, soothing, and sing-along material, his songs are very predictable. Mayer knows where his strengths lie and hasn’t parted from his trademark soft guitar and his vocals depicting traces of country and blues music. This album is no different from the rest.

John Mayer’s songs always have certain qualities that can distinguish them from other artists; they are pretty hard to tell apart from one another. The songs have similar tempos and feelings coming from them that label them as a “John Mayer song.” That isn’t always a bad thing though because if you are a hardcore John Mayer fan this album is right up your alley.  Who wouldn’t want to sit in their room with their bffs just listening and singing along to his inviting voice? On the other hand, if you’re looking for variety in the songs, you might want to try listening to another album because this might not be what you’re looking for. Give it a listen and judge for yourself if this John Mayer album is right for you.

—Gabriela Castelan