‘I am Number Four’ Review

‘I am Number Four’ Review

Alex Pettyfer in " I am Number Four"

With a gorgeous cast and adventurous plot line, it’s no wonder I am Number Four, directed by D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia), has been hyped as the “must-watch” movie of the season. But what exactly is it about? Without giving any major details about the film away, I am Number Four is essentially a good guy vs. bad guy struggle, with a cute love story mixed into it. The perfect components for any supernatural film, right?

John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), is an alien teen that comes from his home planet, Lorien. The hunky teen is on the run from reckless and creepy-looking enemies, the Mogadorians, who are out to kill him and take John’s cherished medallion. John finds refuge with his mentor Henri (Timothy Olyphant) in Ohio, and attempts to keep a low-profile, while still living a normal teenage life. On his first day at high school, he meets Sarah (Dianna Agron) and UFO-crazed-classmate, Sam (Callan McAuliffe). Both of these characters prove to be crucial parts in the progression of the film.

What’s the deal with the numbers?
John Smith is actually being hunted by the tribal-tattooed and black-coated Mogadorians because he is next in line. There were nine members altogether, and since one, two, and three were both killed by the merciless Mogadorians, number four was ultimately next.

It seemed as if no fun could come out of being an undercover alien in Ohio, but, alas, there are advantages. Each of the nine group members inherited unique super powers from their parents. These super powers serve as a curse and a blessing for the young John Smith.

Although the acting in I am Number Four wouldn’t be considered Oscar-worthy, it was good nonetheless. The chemistry between the gorgeous Dianna Agron and hunky Alex Pettyfer was undeniably evident. Their on-screen relationship was a successfully sweet representation of young love. No wonder the Beastly star and Glee actress dated in real life (word is they just broke up)! 

Edward and Bella who?
If after watching the trailer and reading countless movie reviews still has you itching to watch the action flick, no fear! The ending of I am Number Four definitely makes room for D.J. Caruso to create a sequel, which means double the aliens and double the hunk.
-Grace Gavilanes