How To Tell A Crush You Like Him

How To Tell A Crush You Like Him

How To Tell A Crush You Like Him


We have all had a crush on someone at some point in our lives. Sometimes it can be the most magical and heart-warming feeling ever, but other times it can lead to gut-wrenching torture. Why?! Well, with the bliss of a crush on the boy that makes your heart flutter every time you see him, comes the agony of how to actually tell him that you like him. Don’t sweat it; just let ME give you some useful tips on telling a crush that you like him.

Keep your cool around him
When dealing with the guy you’ve admired from afar, you may want to avoid appearing too desperate for his affection. He might feel strange if you give him a shy smile one day, and then you‘re constantly hovering over him expressing how cute you two would be together the next. When you’re ready to tell him your feelings, remember to take a deep breath and relax because it’ll really let your amazing personality shine through when you do talk to him.

Play a funky tune
You may be nervous out of your skin trying to ask this guy out, the last thing you want is to get tongue-tied, bring up a previous relationship or something embarrassing about yourself. Try making it a more enjoyable atmosphere by listening to a song before you’re ready to tell your crush you like him. A song that makes you feel energetic and happy will help you focus and feel courageous. You’ll see that in a matter of seconds you’ll be relax and probably find something in common with him that will make your proclamation of love completely worth it.

Avoid sharing your life history
You may be trying to tell him how much you’ve liked him over the past couple of weeks, but don’t tell him everything you’ve felt over the last three years. You might be too nervous or excited to notice what you’re saying, but bragging or talking too much about yourself might lead him to believe that you’re only interested in yourself rather than hearing what he feels about you. Give him a chance to speak and be modest when expressing how amazing you are.

Choose a relaxing setting
The last thing you ever want to do is feel awkward when telling your crush that you like him, so try a more laid back approach. Try expressing your feelings in a calming environment like a park. This will help make things more comfortable for both of you by making you feel less pressured and not being surrounded by noise or many people.

Rejected or accepted, remember to take it slow and take his response as a learning experience
Unfortunately, you can’t force your crush to like you, but if he likes you then it’s okay to break out into a victory dance in your room. Updating your social media status on how happy you are is great, but try not to overdo it (like adding a million posts about liking each other each second of the day), it can make others feel uncomfortable.

If he doesn’t have the same feelings for you then that doesn’t mean this is the end of your love life. Other people who have achieved great things have been rejected or have stumbled (quite a few times) in order to be where they are. If it doesn’t work out this time, then take it as a chance to pamper and love yourself until you feel better and then be ready for the next time to encounter love. Besides, who needs the old crush when the next guy is cuter and smarter?

—Gabriela Castelan

Photo credit: Carine fel