Hi, School: Wayland High School

Hi, School: Wayland High School

Ever notice how high schools only make the national news when something really bad happens? We at ME decided to change that with Hi, School! Just think of it as the ultimate shout-out, or even an epic high-five, just so you know there are people out there who recognize the excellence happens every day in every city. Nominate your school today!Wayland High School— Wayland, MA

Location: Wayland, MA
Population: around 1,000
Mascot: Warriors
Newspaper: Wayland Student Press Network (WSPN)
AwesoME Achievement: This awesoME school is getting a makeover, and it’s almost done!

C’mon, who doesn’t love a good makeover? Esepcially when the final product results in a better learning environment, more space to hang out with your friends in the cafeteria and bathrooms you’re not afraid to touch. Count ME in!  This Massachusetts hot spot is home to the Wayland Warriors— scholars, achievers and fantastic bakers. This week was a stellar week for Warriors’ Athletics: The football and volleyball teams scored their first victories of the season! Keep them coming, Warriors!