Hi, School: Santiago High School (Corona, CA)

Hi, School: Santiago High School (Corona, CA)

Ever notice how high schools only make the national news when something really bad happens? We at ME want to change that. That’s why we started Hi, School! Just think of it as the ultimate shout-out, or even an epic high-five, just so you know there are people out there who recognize the excellence happens everyday in every city. Nominate your school today!

Santiago High School 


Location: Corona, CA
Population: around 4,000
Mascot: Sharks
Newspaper: Shark Attack
AwesoME Achievement: California Distinguished School (2005)

Meet Santiago. In a shark tank of 4,000+ students still find ways to stand out by joining clubs and extracurriculars that let them express themselves and spruce up their college applications. With award-winning teachers and students with a heart to give back, we at ME couldn’t help but give this week’s Hi,School to the home of scholars, achievers and champions!