Hi, School: Lowell High School

Hi, School: Lowell High School

Ever notice how high schools only make the national news when something really bad happens? We at ME decided to change that with Hi, School! Just think of it as the ultimate shout-out, or even an epic high-five, just so you know there are people out there who recognize the excellence happens every day in every city. Nominate your school today!Lowell High School— San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, CA
Population: around 2,600
Mascot: Cardinals
Newspaper: The Lowell
AwesoME Achievement: Surviving the Civil War (Founded in 1856, it’s the oldest public school west of Mississippi)

Sure Lowell High School is 155 years old, but it’s hip. So hip, it can even teach you a thing or two about how to be a hipster. Apparently that ‘s not the only thing Lowell High knows: Its average SAT scores of 2010 smoked the California average SAT scores by as much as 124 points! LHS Alumni went off to start HP (erm, not Harry Potter, Hewlett Packard) and The Gap. On Thursdays students can channel their inner Rachel/ Mercedes/ Kurt/ Finn during the the newly-formed Glee Club. Ah, music to our ears.