‘Glee’ original songs: bump it or dump it?

‘Glee’ original songs: bump it or dump it?

"Glee" members singingRachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) quest to write an original song was actually accomplished!  The two new songs make their way to iPods everywhere with today’s release of  “Glee: the Music, Volume 5.”

These addictive songs are just what you would expect from our favorite show choir.  “Loser Like Me” sounds like a number straight from a pop musical. It even might remind you of High School Musical, with Lea Michele channeling the ambition of another love-to-hate-her starlet, Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay.  The intended power anthem proves to be more cheesy than inspirational, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.  It will definitely have you clicking that replay button!

“Get it Right” is slower-paced but similarly powerful.  It’s truly a singer’s song.  If nothing else, this song showcases the pure beauty and range of Lea Michele’s voice.  “Get It Right” could be to Lea Michele what “Hero” is to Mariah Carey. It’s an uplifting ballad that will hit home for anyone who’s ever felt pressure to be perfect, which let’s face it, is pretty much EVERYONE.

Original songs are an awesoME addition to Glee, as it takes the show from Kidz-Bop-on-steroids to a full-blown teen pop musical. Tell ME what you think: bump it or dump it?
-Karina Stow

Photo Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/FOX