College According to Gossip Girl

College According to Gossip Girl


College is said to be the best years of your life. And while I can’t say I’m not enjoying them, I hope there’s still plenty good times after I graduate (God forbid that day ever come). But preparing for college can be hard, especially when we’ve got shows like “Gossip Girl,” “Greek” and “Gilmore Girls” teaching us that everyone is beautiful, skinny and rich. In the real world, college can maybe be a combination of these, but mostly it’s about running to class late in your sweatpants, pulling all nighters at the library and hitting the gym to work off those extra stress cookies you ate. But don’t worry, some of the differences between these drama filled shows are for the better. Trust ME.


1)   Louis Vuitton doesn’t usually go with to math class
In Gossip Girl, Blair’s always dressed to impress when she hits the town. On most campuses, though, sweat pants (Victoria’s Secret Pink and the kind we get for free on campus) are more likely to be seen gracing our exhausted, coffee driven bodies.


2)   Class does exist
Besides Serena’s recent affair with her business professor, “Gossip Girl” basically cuts out the lecture halls and final exams from the college life. In the real world, class is one of the biggest aspects of the college experience. It is kind of the purpose of college after all.


3)   Greeks don’t rule the school
Some campuses have a strong greek life that has a prominent standing in the social world. But just because going greek isn’t your style doesn’t mean the rest of you college experience will be ruined. Greek makes it seem like “independents,” as they are commonly referred to, are the outcasts on campus. But trust me, there’s plenty of oddballs in and outside the greek community.  


4)   Boy recycling is a myth
The guy friend that picks up the pieces from your bad boy breakup? Yeah, that doesn’t mean he’s replacing your ex. Casey from Greek likes to use and lose the same guys. Don’t start freshmen year with the imagination that the “one” will be waiting. Take some time to be single. That way, when the right one comes along you’ll know how to be in a relationship as well as how to survive alone.


5)   The freshmen 15 isn’t a myth
But it can be avoided. With a good amount of exercising and making sure you don’t binge on Ben and Jerry’s every night (don’t laugh, it happens) you can avoid gaining weight. Although dining hall food isn’t always as good as Mom’s home cooking, it can still help you maintain a somewhat healthy diet. Rory from “Gilmore Girls” may have the perfect bod without ever hitting the gym, but not all of us can be that lucky.


6)   Not everyone is a cheating dirtball
No matter what TV show you feel like basing college life off this week, they all have the same basic cheating scandal. In the off chance that your best friend and boyfriend do make out at a party, you’re better off without them. Lucky for us in the real world, most of the friends you meet in college will stick with you for the long haul.


7)   Some people never leave
Like Rory from Gilmore Girls” who gets stuck with annoying Paris as a roommate. Sometimes you can’t get rid of that one person who got under your skin in high school, but with a little patience and a big enough campus, they can be avoided.


8)   They are the golden years
One thing all these TV shows have in common is that living the college life is great. Going out on your own to experience life, meet new friends, and discover who you really are will bring you memories you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

-Megan Stein