Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’: Worst Album Yet

Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’: Worst Album Yet

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After listening to Chris Brown’s brand new album, Fortune, one word comes to mind: offensive. Ever since the Rihanna incident in 2009, Brown has had a rough time finding his way back into the Hollywood scene, a crowd that’s not so accepting.

Once “Turn up the Music,” the exciting and dance worthy single, made its way into the radio station rotation, I thought it was a great single to follow “YEAH 3X” and “Beautiful People.” The song had real promise and showcased Brown in the light he once used to be viewed in, a young R&B singer with great potential that made amazing club music.

However with Fortune, Brown proved otherwise. This album is Browns worst album yet. Songs like “Sweet Love,” “Strip,” “Biggest Fan” and “2012,” show that Brown constantly has sex on his mind and objectifies women to be the image of sex gods.
His raunchiness continues with “Bassline,” where his lyrics explain how girls will dance and take off their clothes just because they like his music. With explicit lyrics, Brown croons about not really caring who he offends. Yet, three tracks later in Don’t Judge, Brown pleas to a girl singing, “Please don’t judge me and I won’t judge you because this could get ugly before it gets beautiful.”
This just goes to show that Brown does not even know how he wants to be viewed in the industry, let alone what kind of direction he wants his music to take.
Over half of his album speaks of sex, drugs and alcohol and then all of a sudden songs like “Stuck on Stupid,” “Don’t Judge” and “4 Years Old” bring him back to the apologetic and thoughtful person we all once thought he was.
Fortune feels more like an identity crisis than an album, and Brown needs to take some time before he releases his next CD. Somewhere between his self-titled album and Fortune, Brown lost his way. Instead of bettering himself, he’s decided to lean on partying, sex and offensive lyrics to get him back into the game of R&B and this time it’s not working.

-Jenna Cusumano