‘Buried Life’ Guys Clean Up Your City!

‘Buried Life’ Guys Clean Up Your City!

The Guys of the Buried life are getting cleaned up
At MyEveryzine, we love to get involved in giving ba
ck to our community as much as possible. When ME chatted with Ben Nemtin and Jonnie Penn from MTV’s reality TV series “The Buried Life,” they told us about a city beautification project they are currently working on with Orbit Gum and how YOU can take part and make a difference.

Even if you’ve never heard of The Buried Life or the four Canadian cuties who make up the group, they’re more than just four guys with a TV show on MTV. Getting their own show was simply an item on their list of things to do before they died, a
list they started completing years before landing it.

Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn and Jonnie Penn are on a mission to cross off as many items on their bucket list and help a strangers cross something off of theirs.

Not only are they in development for season three of The Buried Life, they are also on a college speaking tour and working with Orbit Gum trying to pick a city in the U.S. to cross of #61 on their list: paint a mural. In addition to painting the mural, they are also taking part in beautifying that city and allowing anyone interested to get involved too. 

“Orbit kind of came to us with this cool proposition that they would help us cross it off and allow our fans
to get involved, which we always love to do.” Jonnie said.

Cast of The Buried Life with the Orbit LadyFinding Inspiration
Inspiration for painting the mural came from a town that the boys grew up near, Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada. Jonnie said the city has tons of murals. The guys were glad that Orbit came to them with this opportunity to cross off their list item while getting their fans involved. They said hope to get as many people involved and have it be more of a collaborative effort than their own project.

“I’m particular to world murals that have one person from another culture, one animal from all the different type of continents of the world. I think that’s the basic mural, which is to represent the entire world. That may be what we may want to do.” Jonnie said.

“The goal is to make a big epic mural of all time. We’re trying to top all of them.”

You don’t have to buy Orbit Gum to get involved. From now until the end of May, everyone can vote for the city they’d like the guys of The Buried Life to go help out. Those who vote can also win a $5,000 cash prize.

“Also, when you buy a pack of gum and you enter a code on the web site, fifty cents is donated to the Keep America Beautiful foundation which helps clean up America,” Ben said. “It’s kind of like we cross off our list item and we’re giving back up to $300,000 to this foundation.”

When the crew picks the city, they’ll announce the details on how everyone can join in to help them clean up and paint the mural.

“The four of us aren’t very good drawers, so we’re going to need a little help with it. I think it’s going to end up being very abstract,” Jonnie said.

Continuing to Make a Difference
This is not the first time that the guys have helped out organizations aimed toward making a difference. Duncan started his own charity, OA Projects, which creates soccer programs in third world countries affected by war.

“They bring soccer equipment and cleats and set up soccer camps in third world countries in Uganda and Ecuador, so we’re big supporters of that,” Ben said.The Buried Life: Making a Difference

Also, in season two, they get involved  with “To Write Love on Her Arms” and help a girl who suffered from depression get her life back on track. “That’s something that’s important to us and what we do to try raising awareness.” Ben said.

On the college speaking tour, the guys want to inspire others to go after their dreams and live life to their fullest potential.

“Our goal from the beginning is to ask as many people on the planet, ‘What you want to do before you die?’ and if people have something that they want to share, they can go to our Facebook page and there’s over a million people now who have posted one thing or a couple things on their list.” Jonnie said.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at some footage from “The Buried Life” shot while working with Orbit Gum at Orbit’s YouTube Channel.
-Marjorie Yan

Photos courtesy of Orbit Gum, Wrigley