Brighten Up Your Style Like Rihanna

Brighten Up Your Style Like Rihanna

Rihanna rocking her style

When it comes to taking risks in fashion and making them work, I think of no other than celebrity trend-setter Rihanna. I mean look at her outfit in the music video “What’s My Name.” Crazy, right? But, it actually works.This new year, let’s get colorful! Here are some ways you can achieve a fresh new look for any season.

Add, add add
Nothing finishes an outfit better than the last accessory you throw on. Investing in bright, unique accessories is always a smart idea. It can easily take a mediocre outfit to the next level. Rihanna is working these necklaces perfectly here. All of the different colors contrast well with the simplicity of her outfit. So, next time you’re on the go, don’t forget to put on that extra necklace. It might just be the thing that makes your future prom date turn his neck when you walk by in the hallway!


Be bold and bright
Whether she’s in teal or maroon, Rihanna definitely stands out with her bold dresses on the red carpet. She’s living proof that wearing only one color doesn’t always have to be boring. If you do go for the uni-color look, rely on other aspects of your outfit to stand out. This is your time to flaunt your body. Solid color, form-fitting shirts are great for those of you with amazing abs, sculpted arms or small waists. Wearing one color also makes you look a little taller, since nothing’s being cut-off by contrasting colors. So if you’re a little vertically-challenged, this look may just be for you!

Don’t forget the face
Adding color to your face isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can be very playful with it. In this look, Rihanna adds color to her eyes, cheeks and lips. The bright blue eyeshadow contrasts beautifully with her hair. It’s almost magic. You can create a similar effect by using an eyeshadow color that stands out against both your skin complexion and hair. So, if you’re very tanned, orange may not be the right color for you. If your hair is light brown, you shouldn’t use a bronze eyeshadow. That being said, don’t overdo the color on the face. It is usually best to highlight one prominent feature in a look, as Rihanna does with her eyes.


With these tips, adding color to your style will be breeze. From accessories, to clothes, to make-up, there are endless possibilities of how you can rock your new colorful style this New Years. But, don’t stop there. Add color to every aspect of your life! Smile at the little things you appreciate and continue working on the big plans you have for your future. Stay bright. :-)
—Aliyyah Camp