Breakfast à la Dorm

Breakfast à la Dorm


Good eats by Janet Hudson

At first, dining hall food seems great  with the constant availability of food and so many choices. A semester later you’re craving mom’s homemade cooking and variety. With a few dorm-approved appliances and some store-bought ingredients you can whip up meals a la dorm, and spice up your dining experience on campus.
Tired of that same old bowl of Cheerios for breakfast every morning? Try these simple recipes to mix up your morning, without the fuss of the *yawn* Caf.

Peanut Butter and Banana Bagel 


Armed with a toaster, your favorite bagel, peanut butter and a banana this morning treat will energize you for the dreaded 8 a.m. classes. Just toast the bagel, smooth on a small spoonful of peanut butter and place a mashed or chopped banana on top. You can do the same with waffles and add a little honey, too! With more energy you will have from munching on this breakfast you will be more alert during your morning half of the day. Use a grain bagel for an added healthy bonus.
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes

Combine pancake mix, 1 egg and 1/3 cup of milk with oatmeal oats, two shakes of cinnamon and sliced or grated apple (depending how big you want your apples), for a twist to the classic oatmeal blend. All you will need is a frying pan and your dorm-shared kitchen. Simply mix all the ingredients in, pour pancake-style into a frying pan and cook until the outside is a light toasty brown. For an added healthy bonus use light pancake mix and skim milk. For an easier version, try apple cinnamon oatmeal, just subtract the pancake mix, egg and milk and add water. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes are also a great idea for a weeknight or weekend to cure boredom and bond with your dorm-mates.

Breakfast Cereal Bars

Great for on the go, these bars are rich in grains and fruit. Plus, they come in handy after hitting the snooze bar one too many times, try Special K Bars
or Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars for a flavor that will get you going.

Are boring sandwiches and pizza failing to satisfy your stomach’s lunch grumbles? Whip up these cute ideas during your class break for added comfort in your dorm room.


With a dorm-approved George Foreman at your side put any type of vegetables and meat you want in between a tortilla and add cheese. Place on the George Foreman until you see the cheese oozing out. With vegetables of your choice this is a better version than the ones offered in the campus eating area. Plus use low-fat cheese for an added healthy bonus. Go even healthier by subtracting the cheese all together, just using vegetables.

Baked Potato Bar

Using a microwave, poke holes in some baked potatoes and heat up for two minutes. Grab some dorm-mates and have them bring cheese, broccoli, sour cream and any other delicious topper to join in on the fun. For an added healthy bonus use low fat cheese and sour cream.

Switch up the standard dinner option by stirring up your very own creation.

Rice Bowl Heaven

Invest in a rice cooker and snacks, side dishes and even meals will be a cinch. Cook the rice as directed and add vegetables or any other ingredients you like. For a tasty treat add your own sauces, like teriyaki, soy or barbeque and some pre-cooked chicken to make it a meal. To make it healthy, use grilled chicken and low fat sauces.

Tasty Tacos

With a microwave on hand, just warm up the type of pre-cooked meat you want to use (either ground beef or chicken). Then stir in some taco seasoning mix with 2 tablespoons of water and heat up for one more minute. Add lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, onions and sour cream (most of which you could smuggle from the dining hall) and you have yourself tacos. Wrap up in a tortilla or eat it as a taco salad with tortilla chips. Grab some friends, whom can also help in the expense of ingredients, and dig in for a movie night.

Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines

These pre-packaged meals can be found in the freezer isle of your grocery store. All you need is a microwave to enjoy; just heat up as directed. As a quick fix to hunger, the pre-portioned sizes of these meals lead to a healthy benefit. They’re notorious for high sodium content, so switch it up every now and then.

Got the munchies in between or need an extra boost for that three-hour class? Try these treats.

A Perfect Parfait

Add granola to yogurt and sprinkle with your favorite fruit on top. As a healthy snack, this will give you the energy to go on with your hectic day.

Carrots, Celery and Ranch

As a classic snack, these vegetables with dressing will keep you from munching on potato chips or stopping in the dining hall for a slice of pizza. Use light ranch for an even better treat.

Light Buttered Popcorn

Satisfying your afternoon or late-night cravings, popcorn is a good healthy snack, especially when shared over a movie with some good friends, all you need is a microwave. Mix in M&Ms every now an then for a sweet treat

Cooking a la dorm, whether it is meals or snacks, will shake up your food choices on campus. Effortlessly, you can bring mom’s cooking to the comfort of your own dorm room.
-Kim Turner