Book Smarts: Getting Textbooks Cheap!

Book Smarts: Getting Textbooks Cheap!

What fills the noggin, but empties bank accounts?  You guessed it: textbooks. With new classes on deck, there’s probably no choice but to get the books. But you do have option as to how to get them. and are just two of the sites that could save you and possibly even make you some money. Here’s the breakdown: versus
  Don’t be surprised if you catch a giant egg walking around your college campus it’s Chegg’s mascot, Shelly.  Not only does Chegg help you save money on textbooks and offer cool prize giveaways, but it’s eco-friendly. Chegg partners with the American Forests Global ReLeaf program and plant trees in over 25 locations all over the world. When you rent a textbook, Chegg plants a tree; they just planted their four millionth one!
Are you a highlighting fanatic? Buying might be better for you. not only saves you money on textbooks, but all different types of multimedia. Find what you need  for a lower price than your school’s bookstore. If you want to get rid of some movies, books or CDs, you can sell them too. will reimburse you for shipping charges, and you get to determine the price you want to sell them for.
Cash in on these deals so you can keep more cash in your pockets!
– Marjorie Yan 
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