Ask Veronica: Why do I break out post-wax?

Ask Veronica: Why do I break out post-wax?

Dog boy, where are you?

Q: Dear Veronica,
I sometimes break out after I get my eyebrows waxed. Why?! Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

A: You get what is called irritant dermatitis. Either the wax is too hot or it’s what is applied to your skin immediately post-waxing. Never use petroleum based products or oil, it will make you break out. Using plain aloe vera— it’s soothing and calms the skin. If you have a certain condition or you’re taking medicines, they can conflict with waxing and make skin red, scabby or break out.

Personally, I prefer tweezing brows. It’s more gentle on this area of the face, looks more natural and if done correctly does’t leave irritation. If you prefer waxing, be sure to go to a spa where the technicians utilize a low temperature, hypoallergenic wax. A good brow artist knows how to tweeze and use wax when necessary.

Veronica Barton-Schwartz

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Veronica Barton-SchwartzVeronica Barton-Schwartz is an aesthetician with over three decades of experience and one of the leading experts in skincare in California and beyond. Whether she is discussing skincare on national television and in magazines or doing facials at her spa in Malibu, Veronica is dedicated to her beauty business on a daily basis. Veronica has treated celebrities, First Ladies and many more. With the knowledge acquired from many years of skincare study and her relentless pursuit of the very finest products available, Veronica worked with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to create her own line of advanced formulas to help everyone achieve beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.
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