Anti-Valentine’s Day? Go See ‘Chronicle’

Anti-Valentine’s Day? Go See ‘Chronicle’

Photo by Alan Markfield

‘Chronicle,’ which made its box office premiere earlier this month, provides an anti-V-Day feel that will keep any thriller film buff and Valentine’s Day rebel satisfied. Warning: you’ll regret ever wishing for superpowers after watching this movie.

Directed by Josh Trank, ‘Chronicle’ tells the story of Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Matt (Alex Russell), and Steve (Michael B. Jordan), three high school boys from different social circles, who make an extraordinary discovery after wandering off in a forest. Andrew, the outcast of their high school, carries a camera with him throughout the movie, documenting every part of his life, from morning to night. This comes in handy when they all encounter this cave-like place (we’re never told what it really is) that gives them telekinesis and flying abilities.
The three students become best friends since they all have something incredible to bond over. After testing out and exercising these powers in a toy store and parking lot, Andrew decides to try moving a car on a rainy day. This causes an unfortunate accident, which leads the group to compile a list of rules. One of them, which ultimately goes unfollowed: don’t use your powers in public.

For the most part, the movie looks to be shot with a handheld camera, which offers a raw look inside the advantages and struggles of having these superpowers. Yes, there are struggles. Surprising, right? It gets pretty intense and emotional, despite its purely-adventurous demeanor. DeHaan (In Treatment) does a superb job portraying a distressed black sheep, desperate to find his place in the world. He is the most dynamic character of the bunch, rising from most-ignored, to most-popular, to most-wanted. ‘Chronicle’ has action, drama and conflict…what more could a V-day rebel want?
—Grace Gavilanes

Photo credit: Alan Markfield