Allstar Weekend’s Road to Success

Allstar Weekend’s Road to Success

Allstar Weekend sat down with ME when they made a stop in Anaheim, California on the GLMR KLLS tour. We got behind the scenes details on how the band got together and what crazy things they’re up to next!

When Allstar Weekend’s guitarist and vocalist Nathan Darmody,19, walked up to Michael Martinez’s, 21, front door, he was just looking for a drummer for his local band. Little did he know, within the next few years they— along with lead singer Zach Porter, 21, and bassist Cameron Quiseng, 20— would get signed to Hollywood Records, live their dream of touring the country and have a lead single for Disney’s new movie, Prom.

“We did it in a very traditional way. We started in the garage. I think the day that we all met together was at my house. It was the complete package,” Nathan said.

Before they became Allstar Weekend, Nathan was finishing up high scNathan saidhool while Cameron and Zach were starting college.

“Zach went to San Diego State University and lived in the dorms. Every weekend we hung out in the dorms. We started writing songs in Zach’s dorm before all of this happened.” Cameron said.

Ask Rebecca Black and she’ll tell you fame is around the corner with a good (or bad) YouTube video. But, the members of Allstar Weekend say they got signed and the opportunity to tour the country because of their hard work promoting themselves in person.

“We all grew up together in the same town in Poway, California.  We were all into music and we all started playing pool parties, battle of the bands at schools and clubs.” Zach said.

When the guys needed to get their name out there, their manager suggested they promote themselves outside of concerts and shows, Nathan said he thought the idea was crazy at first.

“Growing up, we all went to concerts and every time you walk out of a venue there are people handing out flyers. You are thinking to yourself, ‘I’d hate to be that guy.’” Cameron said.

Cameron saysThe guys promoted outside Jonas Brothers concerts in hopes of gaining a fan base through flyers and sample CDs.

“The trick was we dressed up like the Jonas Brothers. We wore ties and we looked like we were part of the show. People thought we were part of the show and we passed out flyers.” Zach said. “It was kind of weird. These girls would scream and chase us because they just thought we were an important band. They just went crazy.”

After promoting outside of different tours and movie premieres, a casting director got the guys to compete on Radio Disney’s competition, “Next Big Thing.”

“We ended up losing, but because of it we went from being just a band on MySpace playing local shows in town, to a band that had a song on the radio that kids all over the country could hear and then we got signed.” Cameron said.

Now that they’re becoming a household name, the guys continue to write their own music and perform shows for their fans. However, they do admit they still have to deal with haters and people who don’t support them as artists.

“You really only have to know one thing which is stay true to yourself. You’re going to have haters and people that don’t like you, but you just have to be you.” Cameron said.

Nathan said he thinks haters don’t really have a problem with you, but with themselves.

“They could be jealous of the opportunity and that you’re taking a risk, being courageous and doing your own thing,” he said. “We were very fortunate and all got really lucky to meet in high school and have something in common.  We’re very fortunate to write great songs and meet all these people in our lives.”

The guys are currently signed with to Hollywood Records (the same label as the Jonas Brothers!) and are currently on the Glamour Kills (GLMR KLLS) tour with headliner, The Ready Set. This summer, they’re opening for Selena Gomez, and will release a new album in June or July.

The new album will feature their current single, “Not Your Birthday,” which is also featured in Disney’s upcoming movie Prom. “People are really going to be surprised,” Zach said. “It has a very unique Allstar Weekend sound to it.”
-Marjorie Yan