Album Review: Linkin Park’s ‘Living Things’

Album Review: Linkin Park’s ‘Living Things’

linkin park living things

On June 26, 2012, Linkin Park released their 5th studio album, and to say it was filled with consistency, is an understatement. Loyal fans of the California band will be pleased with the new LP that contains 12 brand new songs. However, for those now checking out an entire Linkin Park CD, the music might be too much of the same for their taste.

Their new single, “Burn It Down,” showcases the band as a solid rock group that knows who they are as musicians. This song goes well with their past hit singles like “Numb,” “New Divide” and “What I’ve Done.”

However, once you hear the songs “Lost In The Echo” and “In My Remains,” it feels awkward that these three songs on the album all follow the same type of sound. Each song starts off with a mellow vibe to it and then once the chorus arrives it feels as if a screamo sound works its way into the music.

And the screamo effect does not stop there. In “Lies Greed Misery” and “Victimized,” Linkin Park suddenly sounds as if they are back in a garage trying to make it big. The hip-hop versus does not mesh well with the screaming and heading-banging chorus.

Linkin Park does have its moments on the album where they do sound like rock veterans. In the slower songs like “Powerless,” “Tinfoil,” “Skin To Bone” and “Castle of Glass,” they shine as a band. The voices are showcased and they leave out the hardness and screaming to these songs.

Yet while these types of music genres vary on this album, the songs that contain hip-hop and the slower songs are all way too consistent with one another. Many of these songs were hard to tell apart from each other while the album played along for its full 37 minutes.

Linkin Park fans will be pleased with this consistency since they have expected it after four albums but newer fans might find it to be a bit of a bore.

-Jenna Cusumano