Album Review: Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing”

Album Review: Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing”

Adam Lambert's Trespassing AlbumThere are constant releases for new music that show how far a musician has come from where they previously were, and Adam Lambert is no exception. The dropping of his new album, “Trespassing,” will send shock waves through the listeners ears. The true potential of Lambert’s vocal skills is really emphasized in several of his songs.

There are several songs that not only portray how diverse his vocals can be, but also how a great melody can complement fun and funky vocals. This album touches upon several different genres of music such as pop, ballads and rock. With a variety of songs to choose from in this new album, Lambert really lives up to the potential that got him through American Idol.

Songs like “Cuckoo” and “Chokehold” show how Lambert’s vocal ability has reached a new level after his debut in the music industry. These seriously catchy songs work well with his vocals, while making it impossible for any listeners to resist singing and dancing along.

As a fair warning, you might not want to wear makeup when listening to this song because it might smear from the tears. “Underneath” shows us a different dimension to Lambert’s music because it’s not just him singing to a party beat, but rather a plain melody with strong vocals. Even if you pay little attention to the lyrics of the song, you can feel the strong emotions that are sung by Lambert.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Adam Lambert’s new album “Trespassing” and some comfortable dancing shoes. You might not want to stop shaking and moving to this album when the music starts so enjoy the music.

-Gabriela Castelan