9 Date Ideas That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

9 Date Ideas That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

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You don’t have to worry about the money (or lack thereof) you spend on an outing, but the memories you create. Whether you want to spend time with your boyfriend or best friend, there’s an activity that’s fun and frugal.
Get your friends together for some scrapbooking and reminiscing. Make everyone bring their favorite copies of BFF photos and get scrapping. Put in a chick flick, make some popcorn and go to town. It’s not how many pages you get done, but how many fun memories you re-live.
Get Cultured 

Many art museums have a free admission day or offer discounts to students. After you’re done exercising the right side of your brain, discuss the works you saw over a packed picnic lunch.
Learn to Cook 
Once you get to college, you’ll need to learn to feed yourself. You’ll get sick of PB&J sandwiches quickly, so it’s best to learn how to cook. The Food Network Web site has plenty of quick and easy recipes. This recipe for sesame chicken looks delicious and the cook time is only 15 minutes. 
Hang Out at Barnes and Noble
Grab your girlfriends and raid the magazines at your nearest bookstore. Treat yourself to a coffee and peruse through your selections. This is a great opportunity to compare Prom looks or a new hairstyle. Just remember to put back any magazines you don’t purchase.


Sweating doesn’t always sound like quality time, but getting your friends together to workout is a great way to exercise your mind and body. Put in a workout DVD and work it out. Plus, it’s less intimidating to do those silly squats with your friends. A fun, physical date could include a romantic bike ride or a brisk walk to the nearest playground.

Paint a Portrait

This would be a cute thing to do with a date. Grab two large sheets of paper and whatever art utensils you have handy whether it be crayons, Sharpies or an eyeliner pencil. Face your date and draw each other’s portrait as best you can. If you’re not an art major, do a cartoon or stick person. Unveil your creations at the same time and hold on to the keepsake forever.

Strike a Pose
Need a new look? Let your friends give you a head-to-toe makeover! Sit back and let them create the look they’ve always envisioned for you. Let your inner diva loose in a photo shoot featuring the new you! Return the favor and makeover your friends.

Board Games
While the Wii is a lot of fun, it’s time to brush the dust off Monopoly and let the games begin. This is the only time you can charge your friends for trespassing.

Spa Night
You don’t have to sacrifice major bucks to look beautiful. Some of the best skin-care products are already in your house. Think back to those episodes of “Ellen” and “Oprah” featuring beauty expert Kym Douglas. Even if her sweet potato facial seems messy, one look at Douglas’ gorgeous skin and you’ll start slathering on the carbs. You can check out more of her recipes here. Have a beauty night featuring homemade masks, conditioners and body scrubs. My Homemade Beauty is a great Web site that gives tips on natural skin care and All Natural Beauty lets you search for recipes by foods so you can make products based on what’s readily available in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to get sticky. Let your guard down and get a little crazy!
—Jennie McKeon
Photo credit: Ms. Phoenix