8 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

8 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

8 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means spending the day with that special person. How about dinner and a movie? Well, we were thinking of breaking away from that boring routine and giving you some fun options for this holiday. This Valentine’s Day, surprise that person in your life with a creative, fun date and a great time.
Fly a Kite
Ever thought that something you did when you were a kid would be a great plan for a date? Well you’re in luck! Flying a kite is a great way for you and your date to bring out those childhood memories. If you also make your own kites together, it’s a chance to be creative too. (This is a great excuse to break out the glitter and glue!) If he has never flown a kite, make sure to guide him in the proper art of kite flying (or vice-versa). There’s nothing more romantic than teaching each other something new.  Remember, the internet is your friend and you can use it to show you how to make a kite that’s guaranteed to stay in the air. Also, make sure you look for a nice open area for your kite to pick up wind. It’s safe to say you might want to wear a cute pair of shorts and comfy shoes for maximum comfort in the wind.
Cloud watching/ Star Gazing
Pick out a nice open area in advance where buildings, trees, and people will not block your view of the clouds or make too much noise. The less noise and obstructions means that you will have a relaxing scenery to enjoy without disruptions. During the day you can bring a cozy picnic. If you’re planning on a more romantic night scene, make sure you and your other half have the chance to see the night sky without light pollution. So many different kinds of conversations can come about while being underneath the open sky–you feel as though you’re in a romantic movie.

Sock Puppet Show

 Whoever thought that buying $1 socks could guarantee you the most fun date ever? Both of you can decorate your own sock puppet with markers, felt fabric, and other things to give your sock puppet its own unique style. The best part of this activity is that you guys can use a table or create your own little stage out of a cardboard box to deliver a playful performance. You should dress comfortably to set the tone for both of you to relax and unwind your imagination. Your lucky sock might even get you a kiss!
Art Museum
 For this date you might need to do research beforehand to see if there are any special exhibits, but if not, just bring a camera (to take funny pictures) and your date on your arm. If you guys like the sculptures, paintings or photographs then talk about it, but if you both don’t always ‘get’ art, it’s fun to have someone to make fun of the art that no one understands and bask in the art that you both appreciate. If nothing else, you can always take turns imitating the surrounding art and taking pictures! (Can you say, “New Facebook profile pic?”) Seeing as you’re going to be surrounded by fancy art, try wearing a classy outfit like a shapeless black dress with small heels and pearls to accessorize.
Help Others
 The cutest date ideas always involve helping other people with the one person that makes you smile. The only things you need for this activity include: your date, some flowers, and a smile. Look for a spot where people like to frequent so you and your date can hand out flowers to people who need a “pick-me-up”. Not only will both of you feel great for making people smile, but you guys might make this the best Valentine’s Day for someone who really needs the reassurance.
People Watching
 It may seem crazy, but people-watching is actually pretty fun. You can sit and observe other people while talking and sharing stories with your date. The mall, filled with different people and things to see, is the perfect people-watching-spot. You want your date to feel just as relaxed as you feel, so wear casual clothes like a skirt, leggings and some flats. All you need to execute this date is to know the mall closing time and maybe some ice-cream for both of you to eat while you sit and watch this crazy environment known as the mall!

Play in the Park
A date in the park can be both super romantic and tons of fun! Remember to dress in something you wouldn’t mind getting dirty like a cute t-shirt and jeans. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, you might want to plan on going to the park in the afternoon so you can actually hop on the swings and conquer the slide with your date when younger kids are still in school.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Want to run around town with your date, but don’t have a good excuse? Well, ask friends to create a photo scavenger hunt list and then use a disposable camera to go around town taking pictures with your date. Make sure you get everything on that list and then print out those pictures to have beautiful memories of your Valentine’s Day. Although you might want to look cute in your pictures with your date, you might want to stay away from high heels (remember it is a scavenger hunt).
—Gabriela Castelan
Photo credit: ButterflySha