6 Ways to Have a Productive Sick Day

6 Ways to Have a Productive Sick Day

With flu season well underway, you may not be able to avoid a dreaded sick day. Unless the reason for staying home is to avoid that big test coming up, you’re home to get well soon. So for a productive sick day, here are six ways to battle that cold and accelerate operation recuperation!
Set Up Camp
Grab tissue boxes, medicine bottles, water bottles and a blanket (or a Snuggie if you prefer) and settle down on your comfy couch. Arm yourself with a waste basket for used tissues or projectile bodily fluids (in less fancy terms, vomiting). Keep remote controls, cellphone and laptop in arms length (for limited use onlymore on that later). Fortify yourself with stacks of magazines, and anything else you think you’ll need for the day. With everything in reach, you won’t waste time or energy searching later.
Load Up and Prepare for Battle
Build up your immune system by loading up on zinc and vitamin C. A refreshing glass of orange juice or a vitamin C tablet are great supplements. Take zinc lozenges like Cold-Eeze at the first sign of a cold to shorten the length and severity of your symptoms. They work like magic and taste delicious.
Send Your Dear John Letters
Okay, we don’t mean break up with your boyfriend because you’ve found someone else, but for just one day, exonerate yourself from all your daily roles. Get a doctor’s note for school. Call in sick at work. E-mail your teachers. Text your best friend to take notes for you in class (and in the hallsyou’re not a fan of gossip, but you still don’t want to be the last to know!). If you have a project coming up, let your team members know. Once you have all your bases covered, your stress levels will be down, and no one will accuse you of being AWOL (“Absent Without Official Leave,” in case you always wondered).
Make Bullet Points
You might suddenly be missing-in-action, but remember, the world goes on without you. Once you contact all the appropriate people, make sure to mark your planner with postponed events, rescheduled meetings and deadlines. Make a to-do list like any other day, but strategize your prioritieson your sick day, complete only the tasks that must get done no matter how deep in the trenches you feel, and defer tasks that can be done later when you feel better. Preparing ahead will make the catch up a lot easier when you return to civilian life.
When It’s Time to Cede, Cede
Once all urgent matters are taken care of, surrender to your sick body and enjoy your sick day for what it is: A day off.
Movie Marathon of Feel Good Movies: This is not the time to watch Saw IV or Saving Private Ryan where body parts are being severed or blown apart. Instead, opt for adorable Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer or an Emma Stone rom-com like Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Who doesn’t feel better after a glimpse of Ryan Gosling’s PhotoShopped like abs?)
Draw Enemy Fire… Or Just Be Creative: Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) suffered from polio at age six and a tragic bus accident when she was a teenager. As a result she had many sick days in her lifetime. From her pain, she drew inspiration to create art, becoming the famous artist best known for the self-portraits she painted while lying in bed with a spinal injury. Let Frida’s lifelong struggle with health and many bed-rested drawing sessions inspire your own creativity. Whether it’s drawing, painting or another unexplored talent, utilize your sick day to make time for a new activity.
Fire Up Something in the Kitchen: When we’re sick, there’s nothing like being pampered by a loved one. That means that someone you love will bring you soup, but did you ever consider making your own? You’d be surprised by how relaxing cooking can be. If you can get up and move, go to the kitchen and preoccupy yourselfsometimes the best medicine is to forget you’re sick. Here’s a great recipe for easy chicken noodle soup. (Canned soup is okay too!) On the other hand, for some people, cooking can be daunting even on a healthy day. But this easy “Feel Better Ginger & Lemon Tea” recipe contains all the right cold fighting ingredients and will build your confidence in the kitchen, so DIY.

Obey Major Relaxation and General De-stressing
The human body has the remarkable ability to heal itself. Stress and tension prevents the body from this natural progression. So it’s important to take your meds, but also to relax and de-stress in order to get better.

Strike a Yoga Pose: Practicing yoga creates a sense of calmness to help your body heal, but specific poses can also relieve your cold and flu symptoms (Yoga Journal).

Unplug Yourself: After making all the appropriate calls, e-mails and texts, close your e-mail and put the cellphone away. If it’s not an emergency, don’t worry, it will all still be there tomorrow. Today, just relax and stay off the wire.

Don’t Research: If you must be on the Internet, only use it to stream the latest episode of Glee, to watch a cute panda on YouTube, or other amusing things on the web. But don’t waste time Googling you symptoms!  Being under the weather is already stressful, no need to misdiagnose yourself with a fatal disease (and hypochondria) after a consultation from WebMD. Stick to the regime your doctor or dear mother prescribedyour common cold really is most likely a common coldand you’ll already be en route to recovery.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a productive and much more enjoyable sick day. Make sure to call your doctor if conditions persist or worsen after more than three days.
Tashween Ali