6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles Ladies

6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles Ladies

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Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day! Yes, Valentine’s Day is mainly marketed as a couples’ holiday, but you can change that. Here are six ways you can reinvent Valentine’s Day as a single lady. Have fun!
Throw a Party  
Invite a group of your friends (including your crush) and order take-out. This gives you all a chance to skip the dinner scene that’s probably overcrowded with couples.  It also gives your friends and you a chance to chill out and relax without worrying about the romantic aspects of Valentine’s Day. Instead of moaning and groaning about how you guys don’t have a significant other in your life, celebrate the fact that you’re single. You could also incorporate a tournament into the party, like a Just Dance 3 tournament. It’s sure to be a blast!
Spa Day
You can either call a salon to make a group appointment and go there with your friends or you can have a spa day in the comfort of your own home. You can go to a local drug store and stock up on all types of nail polish, face masks, and magazines. You can give each other manicures and use that time to reconnect. Renting movies, such as Horrible Bosses or Bridesmaids, is sure to be a great addition to the spa day and make your girls and you laugh. Hanging out with your friends is always a nice reminder that no matter what happens in your romantic life, your girls will always be there for you.
Secret Santa: Valentine’s Day Edition
Who said Secret Santa was only for Christmas? Get some of your friends together, draw names from a hat and then give each other gifts on Valentine’s Day! You could make a mix CD, a scrapbook or buy tickets to a game. Or maybe you guys could give each other the classic V-Day gifts like flowers and chocolate. Don’t forget to set a spending limit!

Scary Movie Marathon
Instead of watching lovey dovey romantic movies, host a party and have a scary movie marathon with your friends to keep your minds off the holiday. Need recommendations? Check out Nightmare on Elm Street or any of the Saw movies. You can also bring snacks for the movie marathon, like popcorn  and movie theater candies.
Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, right? A great way to share the love on V-Day is by volunteering. V-Day could turn out to be a great way to help others gain a positive experience. You could volunteer at a local food bank, an animal shelter, a homeless shelter or with an organization like Habitat for Humanity. You can visit Serve.gov and insert your interests and zip code to locate volunteer opportunities near you!

Treat Yourself
Why not spend Valentine’s Day alone and spend some quality time with yourself? For most of us, we pay attention to other people all year round and never have any time for ourselves. V-Day can be your opportunity to give yourself some love. Change up the meaning of the holiday by doing things by yourself- go to the park, take a road trip, go to the beach, give yourself presents. You could even make a list of 10 things that you love about yourself. V-Day could be a day where you get to know yourself better.

—Ama Kwarteng
Photo credit: Dan Moyle