5 Ways To Rock That Test

5 Ways To Rock That Test

As the semester zooms on by, we’ve got all those final exams on our mind! Whether it’s a test for your history class, or even the SAT, all tests share a similar structure, meaning there are similar ways to study and prepare for them! Here are 5 handy tricks and tips that might help you get that grade you want:


1. Get the Basics
Figure out how you study best. Do you need to make flash cards to help you remember information or vocabulary? Do you study better in a quiet environment? Get the little details down before trying to consume the material.


2. Partner Up! 
Get a study buddy! Things are sometimes easier (and more fun) to remember when you share it with someone in your class. This could be your chance to talk to that cutie you’ve had your eye on all semester. Make up a funny story or acronym about certain ideas you need to know. You’ll definitely remember it during the test. (and may get a quick laugh out of it, too!)


3. Start Early!
Don’t wait until the night before to start studying. A good performance (not only in studying, but in other things too!) requires practice, repetition and experience. Make sure you start studying a week or two in advance to reassure that your brain is soaking in the information. Cramming doesn’t always work! If by any chance you start to procrastinate or get distracted, try to sign out of facebook or silence your phone for awhile. Although this may be harder for some than others, think of the distractions as an incentive to study. For every 2 hours of studying, you get half an hour to be on Facebook and text your friends, then get back to studying and do it again! (Choose whatever is convenient for you, but don’t let your rewards outweigh the hard work!)


4. Rest Up!
Get a good nights sleep the night before the test. Don’t think that staying up until 3 in the morning is the most efficient way to learn. My professor once told me, if you don’t know it by now, you probably won’t know it for the test! The morning of your exam, eat a good and healthy breakfast. You don’t want your tummy to be rumbling while you’re trying to focus on what the questions are asking.


5. Relax!
Most importantly, RELAX! Do your best and you’ll come out of the test knowing you put forth your best effort. No matter how you perform on the test, you know you tried your best and will keep on moving forward!

 -Marjorie Yan

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