5 Reasons to Rock William Rast for Target

5 Reasons to Rock William Rast for Target

William Rast Collection by Justin Timberlake
William Rast hails as the “New America” denim culture brand. With Skinny jeans, motorcycle jackets  and Justin Timberlake as your personal stylist, you’re sure make a fashion statement without adding too much to your bank statement! Plus, this is the last week you can get the exclusive limited-edition line from Target.

The William Rast collection offers denim, leathers and much more with a first-class fit at a low price. With the final day quickly approaching, here are a few reasons why you should be on your way to Target, immediately after you finish reading this:

1. Justin Timberlake.

That’s right; William Rast was founded by  Justin Timberlake  and his BFF Trace Ayala in 2005. In 2009, GQ named Justin Timberlake 10 most stylish men of the year, so it’s only fitting that his clothing line is just as haute as he is.

2. Tomboy and Girly: Best of Both Worlds!

William Rast’s womens collection is described as as a thin line between accessible tomboy and sensual girly. So, now there’s something for the girls that don’t like skin-tight jeans and 3-inch heels, but still want to rock a cute, chic look. It blends tomboy fashion with feminine tailoring.

3. It’s Time to Live on the Edge!

Not only is William Rast stylish, it’s edgy. Its leather and denim heritage allow you to step into the biker culture and give you the feeling of living on the edge without actually going over. You know that cute, mysterious biker guy in class that you can’t stop daydreaming about, step out in their cropped leather jacket, break out that winning personality and he just might notice you.

4. From the Runway to Target!

When Justin Timberlake isn’t serenading his fans in arenas, he’s representing William Rast on the stages of both LA and New York Fashion Weeks; now his line is around your corner and at a great price, which leads ME to…

5. Fashion-Forward Design, Low Price!

The William Rast limited-edition collection offers premium denim without the hassle of breaking the bank. Prices start as low as 16.99! Styles include skinny, straight-leg, and boot cut denim, leggings and skirts. Their unique style is sure to satisfy your fashion cravings without hurting your pocket. Case in point: Skinny jeans on the William Rast site, $199; William Rast skinny jeans at Target, $49.99. Now, you can buy a cute shirt and nice jacket to match. That’s something to sing about!

– Breea Mitchell