5 New LUSH Body Care Products You’ll Love

5 New LUSH Body Care Products You’ll Love

Blair Gossip Girl Laduree

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) enjoying Ladurée macaroons on The CW’s “Gossip Girl”

LUSH, our favorite Fresh Homemade Cosmetics, launched 15 brand new products last month.“Some of which are the first of its kind in LUSH history” reports the innovative company. Of course, we couldn’t resist the delectable new additions. A North American delicacy from Vancouver, Canada, LUSH cosmetics has a range of product that satisfy you from head to toe. Here are our 5 tops picks from the new launch that’s perfect for your every ME need.

Green Bubbleroon
Whether it’s Ladurée pastries or LUSH cosmetics, Blair Waldraf had it right–macaroons and bubble baths make a dynamic duo. LUSH’s brand new bubbleroons are macaroon inspired bubble bars that have a shea butter and coconut oil base and a coconut oil cream centre (Yes, we are still talking bath products!). Bubbleroons come in three indulging flavors, but our favorite is the Green, with the scent of orange, lime and juniper berries that will take you straight to summer long before the school year ends.

Phoenix Rising
Sometimes all you need is luxurious, magical bath to wind down from your busy social calendar and study sessions. Watch as the Phoenix Rising falls to the bottom of your tub and explodes into a firework of violet and gold foamy bubbles. The combination of gentle shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil guarantees feather soft skin.

Lustre Dusting Powder
Scented with the sensual jasmine, this dusting powder has a fine gold shimmer in it to give the skin a glow. This is the perfect accessory to your spring break tan or your shimmery prom dress.

No Drought Dry Shampoo

Let’s be honest, during mid-terms, you’re lucky if you were able to change out of yesterday’s sweatpants let alone take a proper shower. LUSH’s first ever dry shampoo is here to the rescue. Let the fragrance of lemon, grapefruit and lime refresh you as the innovative powder absorbs the grease from your unwashed hair regenerating your tresses. As you cram through last minute study notes, apply the powder directly into the hair or onto your hands and work through with a brush.

Peace Massage Bar

You may be studying current events or calculus, but either way, take a break with this new massage bar inspired by the London Riots and you’ll find some peace of mind. Made with olive oil, the massage bar exemplifies LUSH’s innovative approach to beauty and wellness. Rub against your trouble-some spots, and let the bar melt on your warm skin, leaving you silky fresh and tension free. After all, peace starts with you.

All are available in shops nationwide and online at LUSH.com now.

Tashween Ali